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John Dewey -- Saboteur of American Society

No one has had a more pernicious effect on American education, and by extension the corruption of American society today than John Dewey.  Born in 1870, John Dewey, not to be confused with Melvil Dewey, the inventor of the Dewey decimal system used in libraries, made public education his field of endeavor throughout his long career.   His philosophy, if such it can be called, turned historic American values and logic upside down.

In Dewey’s world view, the individual existed only to serve society. “Socialization” (i.e., the individual’s adjustment in conformity to a group) was seen as more important than factual learning. This twisted view of education infected all of his work, resulting in a century of ever diminishing American academic achievement, with the resultant corruption of American society in a downward spiral that seems to know no end.

Turning Education Inside-Out

John Dewey was born in 1859 in Vermont, received his doctorate from Johns Hopkins University, and joined the staff of the University of Chicago in 1894.  In 1899 he was elected President of the American Psychological Association and from 1904 until his death in 1952, he was a professor of philosophy at Columbia University and Teacher’s College in New York.

According to Dewey, learning was only relevant in context with what Society, and by extension The State, deemed necessary. The acquisition of knowledge for its own sake was regarded as a selfish indulgence. Feelings and emotions were far more valid a barometer of a student’s “adjustment” towards society than the accumulation of facts, or the use of logic and reason. It should come as no surprise, then, that throughout most of his professional life, Dewey proudly wore the label of a Social Progressive.

Dewey was a great admirer of Edward Bellamy’s book, “Looking Back” (1877) which described a Utopian society built upon the dead bones of Capitalism.   An avowed Socialist, Dewey was the originator and champion of “progressive” education in America. He loathed the free society created by Capitalism, with its emphasis on the individual “whose pleasures are to be magnified, and possessions multiplied.”

According to Dewey, Government comes first and its needs must therefore be paramount over any needs or desires of the individual. Society (government) shapes individuals, not vice-versa, claimed Dewey. “Social institutions... are means of creating individuals.” Rather than follow the principles upon which the founding of America was based, Dewey claimed that the individual only existed to serve Society; therefore Society had the right to decide how each individual should best serve it.

Dewey’s philosophy obliterates the concept of Free Will, along with the idea of the self-created individual. Incredibly, almost paradoxically, Dewey ridiculed the pursuit of knowledge for its own sake, declaring that knowledge was only valid and worthwhile if “Society” declared its pursuit justified. Therefore, if the Powers That Be (“Society”) decided that literature, or geometry, or chemistry was no longer a valid pursuit, but multicultural studies, minority oppression, and remedial basket weaving were, then the individual should have no objection -- nor any alternative -- to that course of education.

Every quality one might rightly consider a virtue, including curiosity, resourcefulness, competitiveness, ethical conduct, right reasoning, rhetorical skills, logic and inventiveness -- all of them, according to Dewey, could be considered to be “vices” overnight if the Powers That Be (“Society”) decided they were no longer desirable.

In Dewey’s world, there was no absolute truth. Therefore everything was malleable and changeable. There was no bedrock, no anchor upon which Mankind might attach and secure its intellect,  character, or conduct. Everything was continually in a state of flux, with the only constant being one’s “duty” to Society, to serve it however Society chose to dictate doing so through its institutions.

Rather than trying to understand any form of objective truth, any form of eternal verity, Dewey instead promulgated the concept that the school’s primary mission was the “socialization” of children to one another, NOT the learning of knowledge and facts! An emphasis on group participation, group learning, group problem solving and group activities hammered home the one unbending principle that the individual’s knowledge and will must always be subservient to whatever “group” one currently derived one’s “identity” from at any particular place and time.

In practice, this meant stultifying social conformity to methods of decision making and conduct, and the codification of illogical and inane behavior. Conformity to group thought and conduct was all that mattered. Successful socialization, not academic achievement, gradually became the litmus test of the American educational movement.

Dewey and Progressive Education -- Socialization Trumps Factual Learning

Dewey effectively turned the entire of concept of scholastic education on its head, or perhaps more accurately, he created a cranial-rectal inversion. Rather than studying objective facts in such fields as geometry, geography, history, spelling, reading, writing, and the physical sciences, Dewey proclaimed that children's “social life” and the process of “socialization” (the ‘adjusting’ of each child to ‘get along’ with others) was the paramount role of school in the educational process.

The “Progressive Philosophy” maintains that the cause of social strife is the unwillingness of an individual to sacrifice his or her convictions to the group. The insistence on distinctions (which are based on discrimination-- the ability to differentiate one thing from another!) such as ‘true versus false’ and ‘right versus wrong’ generates social conflict, according to Dewey. If only children did not hold such strong ideas, Dewey reasoned, disagreement and conflict would evaporate in the sunshine of social harmony. Truth, therefore, was seen by Dewey to be socially fractious, while ignorance indeed became bliss. Hence, what the Progressives meant by ‘socialization’ was the surrender of one's mind, and one's independent knowledge and judgment to a ‘group consensus.’

Learning and achievement in any field of study, declared Dewey, was “selfish,” the means whereby a child might separate him or her self from their peers. Above all, Dewey saw the public schools as the most influential way of creating conformity of thought and behavior. This leveling of the learning process predictably produced group comprehension based on the lowest common denominator.

Dewey’s goal was conformity of behavior, thought and action. He actively despised and ridiculed students who strove to learn more, attain more, achieve more, if their goals had not already been preordained by “Society” at large.

Above all, Dewey wanted “top down” control of society by the creation of the common humanity who would come to populate society. Dewey wanted to create cogs for the America machinery of commerce, barely able to think, just sufficiently intelligent to follow instructions, with just enough knowledge to spin the gears of industry and bureaucracy.

Individual human goals such as achievement, invention, curiosity, ingenuity, genius, and the desire for self-improvement were seen as dangerous and detrimental deviations.

In our schools today, the current constant whirlwind of parties, drugs, sports, movie stars, sexual promiscuity, video games, violence, gangs, and celebrities -- the real unwritten core curriculum of today’s centers of higher education -- are the “new normal” for our public school children at every level of society. Learning anything of value is an elective option that few ever exercise

The ridicule and outright hostility towards those students who choose to excel, expressed by other students and often even teachers, is testament to the success of Dewey’s devious legacy, a threat to the socially engineered society he strove so desperately to create. In Dewey’s world, guidelines of behavior, conduct, thought, virtue and learning are not based on Universal Truth or any form of absolute standards, but rather depend upon conformity to a constantly changing and vacuous array of prejudices, social cliques, media clichés and peer pressure. Children who are different from this norm, which would include nearly any child who strives to achieve independent knowledge, leave themselves open to ridicule, hostility, sabotage and disparagement for being “different” than their group-herd mentality peers.

Part II
Dewey Imports the Soviet Model to America

Not surprisingly, Dewey greatly admired the Soviet model, and even visited the Soviet Union in 1928 to observe schools and education in the USSR. He then implemented many recommendations for US schools based on his observations.

Ironically, the Russian government eventually abandoned everything Dewey had erroneously assumed was necessary to produce the model corporate statist citizen. The Russian educational establishment apparently learned that such a process ended up producing conformity of thought along with a complete lack of ambition and juvenile delinquency.

Sometime after Dewey’s visit to Russia after WWII, the USSRs educators adapted what once had been the very definition of the Western American educational process. As a recent émigré’ from Russia succinctly stated: “No socialization, no group projects, and every week - many severe tests. Interclass competition till grinding of teeth. Everyone had their own cherished opinion.”

Ironically, Russian education ended up adopting the system which American education abandoned in favor of the assumed superiority of the “progressive” socialist model. Fortunately for them, the Russians had the ability to be able to clearly see and admit that group conformity and group problem solving spells the death of individual initiative and achievement, and so tossed their former educational model upon the trash heap of history. Would that we could -- and would -- do the same.

Deliberate Dumbing Down

In 1897, John Dewey wrote “My Pedagogic Creed.” One would expect to find, in such a work, that the author would conclude, demonstrate, or discover something to share with readers pertaining to his philosophy of the educational process. Yet on the contrary, Dewey continually repeats the mantra “ I believe.... I believe... I believe....”. One could hardly find more extended articles of faith in the Christian Bible.

Author Bruce Deitrick Price wrote that Dewey not only subverted education; he also subverted the very language of education with his nebulous and purposely vague concepts and theories.   And he nominates this gem for the most revealing John Dewey quote of all time: “The mere absorption of facts and truths is so exclusively an individual affair that it tends very naturally to pass into selfishness. There is not obvious social motive for the acquirement of mere learning, there is no clear social gain in success thereat.” In two sentences, Dewey relegates all art, science, philosophy, history, mathematics, archeology and all related academic fields to the trash heap of irrelevancy. As Price concludes: “All the dumbing down we’ve seen in the last 100 years is right there in that little quote.” And make no mistake: that dumbing down has been both damnable and deliberate.

John Dewey and his friends, like the influential Jewish Marxist propagandist, Sidney Hook, saw the American school system as the thin end of the wedge in their deceitful game to slowly subvert an American society built upon the bricks of religious right and wrong, and ethical conduct and values, towards a secular society composed of no absolutes or moral imperatives; only infinite shades of ever more depressing gray.

Using Rockefeller money to make their subversion a reality thru the establishment of the Teachers College in New York (1922), their goal was to create a new generation not quite as bright as their parents; and with every succeeding generation, just like making continuous copies of copies with a copy machine, the actual content of education -- facts, data, objective truth -- began to fade and become less clear and less comprehensible. The more this process continued, the less understandable became the reasons why freedom of thought and action are inseparable requirements for the healthy, functional representative form of government outlined in our Constitution.

Replacing mathematics, geography, history and science with cooking, sewing, household management and manual training skills necessary to run machinery, Dewey initiated what Price correctly called “...a slow motion coup, carried out, for all practical purposes, in the dead of night. And thus began 100 years of deceit, disingenuousness and dishonesty.”

Educators were now indoctrinated to accept the viewpoint, based on nothing more than Dewey’s belief, that “what” they taught was irrelevant; how and why they taught were the main considerations of the new educators.

Price correctly observes that educators now continue “...concocting an infinitude of programs, methodologies, theories, studies, research, insights, slogans and conceptual breakthroughs....” yet all are meaningless when the children which emerge from the other end of the conveyor belt are still as dumb as a post and as thick as a brick.

Attacking the Building Blocks of Learning

Perhaps nowhere in the entire school curriculum is the educational sabotage of generations of school children more evident than in the deliberate destruction of reading skills. Samuel Blumenfeld, the nation’s most eminent authority on reading, stated that the conspiracy to dumb down generations of American children began with the systematic dismantling and destruction of proven reading programs. The attack began with John Dewey’s 1898 essay, ‘The Primary Education Fetich.’

Dewey’s disciples took over the major educational colleges of Columbia, Chicago and Palo Alto, and began bringing in their colleagues to the exclusion of all contrary viewpoints. Blumenfeld states: “They commissioned books to be written promoting whole-word instruction. And they got publishers to publish the new programs because the professors were in a position to get these new primers purchased by virtually every public school system in the country. Many whole-language advocates are simply the latest of the Socialists who are willing to destroy this country in order to change it.” Blumenfeld aptly and correctly concludes: “Evil is a force in this world, and it manifest itself in many different ways. Including deliberately dumbing down a nation.”

The end result of this madness is clear: by grades 3-4, most children taught to read via the “whole word” method system give up in frustration and become marginal readers for the rest of their lives. There is no reading for pleasure, for knowledge, for growth, for entertainment, for speculation, for theory, for travel or adventure, or for learning.  Reading is now equated with drudgery, imprecision, guessing, failure and misery. Lack of reading skills translates into an extremely negative self image with consequences that flow over to every other academic subject in school, which all require reading skills to one degree or another.

As Malkin Dare, founder of the Society of Quality Education, stated: “The result is massive illiteracy and misery.” Don Potter, phonics expert, concludes that memorizing “sight words” as a part of the whole language fraud “...creates a reflex that interferes with later phonics instruction. Sight words are an obstacle to reading, not an aid.” Boys, especially, have their self-confidence destroyed and give up, often being diagnosed with ether dyslexia or ADD. It becomes a vicious, downward spiral of failure.   And it is all premeditated!

Part III

The Frankfurt Institute and the Planned Corruption of America

As the late educator and founder of the National Review, Ralph Toledano stated, the Neo-Marxists were not content to destroy economic Capitalism in America. They had much broader goals, leading back to Marx’s original impulses; the complete mental and spiritual destruction of the entire society and every institution in it. Only in this way, they thought, could the fertile grounds for a true Marxist revolution be brought into existence.

Toledano states: “So in 1922, the conspiracy was hatched at the Marx-Engels Institute in Moscow by Karl Radek, a power in the Politburo and the representative of Lenin; Felix Djerzhinski, head of the Soviet secret police, Georg Lukacs, cultural commissar of the short-lived Hungarian Bolshevik revolution, and Willie Muenzenberg, the Comintern’s organizational genius.

The seemingly modest instrument anointed to undermine Western Civilization was the Institute of Social Research, planted in the prestigious Frankfurt University, and dedicated to neo-Marxism.  This group became known as the “Frankfurt School” through the ‘Institute of Social Research’ located at Frankfurt University. The school was funded by Felix Weil, whose doctoral dissertation was “the practical problems of implementing socialism.”

According to Toledano, the Institute “....had a connection to almost every debasement of art and culture.” It’s greatest achievement was establishing a beach head at the Teacher’s College of New York, thanks to the efforts of John Dewey and Columbia University.

In 1922, a meeting was organized by Lenin in Russia to address the question as to why a worker’s revolution had not already occurred throughout the Western World. It was determined that the fertile social grounds for sewing the seeds of Communist revolution would never exist unless and until society had reached a state of hopelessness and alienation necessary to provoke a socialist revolution.

Among those at the meeting, one George Lukacs initiated a unique proposition -- harnessing the sexual energy of the individual for the destruction of the bourgeois state, society and all of its social institutions. Timothy Mathews writes in “Frankfurt School: Conspiracy to Corrupt” that in order to undermine the Christian legacy of the West, Lukacs and the Frankfurt School recommended the following points in their agenda to advance their ‘quiet’ revolution:

1. The creation of racism offenses
2. Continual change to create confusion
3. The teaching of sex and homosexuality to children
4. The undermining of schools’ and teachers’ authority
5. Huge immigration to destroy identity.
6. The promotion of excessive drinking
7. Emptying of churches
8. An unreliable legal system with bias against victims of crime
9. Dependency on the state or state benefits
10. Control and dumbing down of media
11. Encouraging the breakdown of the family

One of the main ideas of the Frankfurt School was to exploit Freud’s idea of ‘pansexualism’ - the search for pleasure, the exploitation of the differences between the sexes, the overthrowing of traditional relationships between men and women. To further their aims they would:

o attack the authority of the father, deny the specific roles of father and mother, and wrest away from families their rights as primary educators of their children.

o abolish differences in the education of boys and girls

o abolish all forms of male dominance - hence the presence of women in the armed forces

o declare women to be an ‘oppressed class’ and men as ‘oppressors’

The Frankfurt School believed there were two types of revolution: (a) political and (b) cultural. Cultural revolution demolishes from within. They saw their Marxist cultural revolution as a long-term project and kept their sights clearly focused on the family, education, media, sex and popular culture.

After Hitler came to power in Germany in 1933, The Institute of Social Research was moved to America and its members fled to Columbia University, Princeton, Brandeis and Cal Berkeley . Once in America, the Institute was more circumspect and deleted all references to Marxism or Communism, preferring to use the euphemistic substitutes of “dialectical materialism” or “the materialist theory.” They began to focus on discovering what was the “psychological cement” of society, and strove to discover what held Western society together; for once discovered, they could then also determine what would dissolve it.

Eventually the ISR members determined what it would take to weaken and destroy American society, or at least change it sufficiently so that American mass culture became supportive of the social ends and goals of Marxism. Their goal consisted of subverting the family, education, media, sexual roles and popular culture. Needless to say, every single one of these institutions has been under relentless attack since Dewey used Rockefeller money enabled the Institute of Social Research to bring their planned corruption to America.

Secular Humanism Displaces Religious Values -- NEA Applauds

We can see the success of Dewey’s philosophy in the elimination of all contemporary Christian references in our schools. The Western religious traditions upon which this country was founded are nowhere to be seen. In their place, we have a conglomeration of global myths, legends, rituals and multicultural experiences.

The National Education Association (NEA) applauded the foundations of UNESCO, as a “culmination of a movement for the creation an an international agency of education.” UNESCO seeks to impose the “standards” of a new global management system on the World’s teaching professions; or to put it simply, to spread John Dewey’s poisonous and erroneous assumptions throughout the world and thereby continue the dumbing down process on a global scale.

Under the rubric of “Saving the Earth”, the NEA promotes every goal codified in “Agenda 21” of the United Nations, including (civilian) disarmament, abortion, and a call for “lifelong learning” -- an open-ended program to manipulate adults into old age to make human “resources” conform to the mold demanded of them by the coming new “global” society, wherein the adult population, as “lifelong learners” must be ready to lie, spy, fight and die for whatever ideals their global managers assert are desirable for the time they choose to implement them.

Today the culture, or more accurately, “cult” of political correctness can be traced directly back to the Frankfurt School and the Institute for Social Research. As Timothy Smith correctly states: “‘...political correctness’, which has been destroying our family bonds, our religious tradition and our entire culture sprang from the Frankfurt School.”

According to ‘progressive’ author Craig A. Cunningham, Dewey’s ideas “...about education have resulted in a recent surge of juvenile violence, a marked reduction in subject-matter, knowledge and basic skills among America’s children, a pernicious increase in state control of education and of thought, and an epidemic of dishonesty in business and public life.” Why should such a track record of destruction still produce more teaching graduates and educators eager to follow the same path? As author Cates states: “...the Progressives had acquired such a stranglehold in the field of education that no one could expect to advance in that field unless he or she burned incense to John Dewey."

Craig A. Cunningham continues: "Erase the concept of truth--these educators maintain--and a child will never discover that he is thinking or acting wrongly. If he is taught that anything he does is right because he feels it, he will always ‘feel good’ about himself." Dewey’s educational philosophy prepares students as future citizens of the collective (Socialist/Communist) state. For Dewey, social ends are State ends. The entire thrust of Dewey’s philosophy is conformity to the State.

The Ayn Rand institute claims that Dewey’s emphasis on “pragmatism” -- that is doing what works, irrespective of ‘arbitrary’ standards of “right or wrong, good or evil” is the basis for the plethora of fraudulent business practices which infest our society today.

One article The Ayn Rand Institute authored stated succinctly: “For more than 100 years our intellectuals, specifically our college professors, have been teaching students, including future businessmen, that no absolute principles or standards exist, that you cannot be certain of anything, that the future is unknowable, that it is okay to try anything without thinking, that the truth is simply that which works at the moment, and that which works is what makes you feel better right now. In other words, there is nothing really wrong with dishonesty.... Anyone who questions this philosophy is mocked as a dogmatic, narrow-minded, preachy moralist. Pragmatism is an open invitation to fraud--after all, you might get away with it and the money makes you feel good."

Dewey's Corruption of the American Educational System
It is more than interesting to see how John Dewey’s gifts to American education have impacted American society at large. To better understand the ills which afflict our society today, we must first examine the fruits of Dewey’s theorems in the classroom and extrapolate the results onto American society at large. The linkages are often quite direct.

Some of the fruits of John Dewey's “vision” in the classroom include the following:

o schools no longer employ teachers, but “facilitators” and facilitators are no longer “authority figures” with knowledge, but friends and pals who help children “get along”

o any form of corrective discipline in our schools, especially physical discipline, is seen as a form of oppression -- result: no punishment for bad or disruptive behavior

o children's “social interests” and “self expression” are more important than their “intellectual interests” -- placing feelings over factual learning.  Student’ feelings are what matter -- not “facts” or knowledge

o “cooperative learning” promotes lowest common denominator “group think” for problem solving exercises

o whole language (word memorization) rather than phonics (word construction) permanently cripples children's ability to read, which effectively sabotages their reading comprehension for the rest of their lives

o “fuzzy math”’ and “inventive spelling”, where children are lauded for their “creativity” in word creation rather than graded on an objectively right or wrong answer, is the new norm; this permanently corrupts children's ability or desire to solve problems and achieve the one correct answer;

o the self-esteem movement and mantra -- all opinions are equally valuable -- continues. For if the child can be made to feel good about him/her self, irrespective of any objective, valid reason for doing so, then they will provide less friction with their peers, thereby enhancing the process of “socialization, which is the true goal of the educational process in Deweyland.  The “self-esteem” movement tries to patch up the emotional wreckage of children who cannot read, write, spell or solve mathematical problems;

o the drugging of an entire generation of students for ADD and other social-behavioral disorders, often created in the classroom by such programs as “whole word” “fuzzy math” and “creative spelling”, is now rampant in an environment which ironically prides itself as having “zero tolerance” for drugs

o sports without scoring -- no more score keeping; Dewey;’s acolytes maintain that scores create antisocial attitudes of “competition” ; now all participants simply receive awards for showing up!

o outcome based education -- envisions universal educational standards, serving the aims of the globalist agenda by leveling the acquisition of knowledge

o no grades other than pass or fail -- grades promote antisocial “competition”

o emotion -- not reason -- is the student’s link to reality

These are the true “fruits” of decades of Dewey’s deliberate destruction of education in America. We are reaping the rewards of a program designed to sabotage the individual’s the ability to think in hierarchical values of relevance. We are confronting the rotten residue of decades, casting the concept of individual scholastic achievement as irrelevant, a form of competitive “hostility”, while placing the spotlight of reward and recognition on team sports and athletics, socialization and popularity.

It is the world of truth, logic, substance, meaning, relevance, hierarchy, and discrimination turned upside down and inside out -- resulting in the graduation of students in high school and college who cannot read, write, spell, add, subtract or think. They are the fundamental byproduct of John Dewey’s profound cranial-rectal inversion, his demented, demagogic, deadly world view. They personify the most vulgar speculations of late night television hosts, who prove with simple questions that our schools, in every state and at every level, are consistent in producing students who exemplify the living epithet of mental matter composed of fecal waste occupying the space between their ears.

Part V

Dewey's Corruption of the Schools Spreads to American Society

Eventually, students leave school and graduate, taking whatever they have learned and absorbed, and join society as workers, laborers, business people and.... educators.

Considering that the detritus of John Dewey’s theories has been infecting American society since the turn of the last century, it is not surprising that beyond the continued lowering of academic standards, we should also find the following symptoms now visibly rampant:

o values are changeable and transitory -- there are no “absolutes”

o situational ethics and “relativism” are now an acceptable philosophy of life -- if it feels good, do it

o feminism is now promoted as if one sex has all the answers to society’s ills -- and since women have the answers, men should emulate them

o a parallel rise in teen violence and delinquency can be observed, based on scholastic irrelevancy and frustration, along with the destruction of traditional male/female, father-mother role models and the blurring of sexual identities this creates

o rampant drug use and abuse

o rampant sexual promiscuity and experimentation, pregnancies at increasingly younger ages, along with the debasement and degradation of young women and men

o fashions -- especially for youth as seen promoted on television and shows geared towards teens -- now promote the look of prostitutes as role models for women, and pimps and gang bangers for men

o an emphasis on excessive drinking and alcohol consumption via popular MTV shows to fit into the group behavioral consensus

o a massive, unrestricted flow of illegal immigration to balkanize and fragment our society

o affirmative action -- scholastic and professional opportunities opened to all ethnic and sexual minorities with little concern over qualifications

o sensitivity training --necessary to indoctrinate business men and women to be “sensitive” to minorities of all persuasions and sexualities

o hate speech restrictions: any word, phrase or line of social or historic inquiry which might possibly offend some ethnic or sexual minority somewhere is now “off limits” or forbidden because it is considered “politically incorrect”

o pc -- political correctness: a Marxist concept now loose in the public domain used to determine and control thought, speech and behavior by Caucasians, especially Caucasian males towards any other sexual group or people or persons of color

o the creation of an increasingly unethical and predatory business class and financial elite. Since there are no absolutes of right or wrong, whatever “works” must therefore be “good” -- for them...

o the metro-sexual society; sexuality is now a “choice” and bi means “having it” both ways; the blurring of sexual identities

o the creation of the pedophile priesthood, a ‘social’ project of the homosexual radical underground which purposely infiltrated seminaries in the 1950’s and 60’s to take advantage of and damage the Catholic and Protestant Christian churches throughout the Western world while indulging their predilection for pedophilia;

o the recruiting of males and females for combat positions on war ships; soon the adoption of openly gay men and women in military units; and finally, the inevitable acceptance of transsexuals in positions of military authority;

All of these current aberrations in our society can be traced back to the “progressive” philosophy of education, based on the nebulous principles of John Dewey’s numerous “beliefs” which are nothing more than declarations based upon zero empirical knowledge.

Once Dewey had established his beachhead in academia, Rockefeller--Illuminist money made it possible to bring over the Marxist “Institute for Social Research” which carried over the destruction Dewey started in the school room and brought it further into the board room and then into the main stream of American life.

It is no wonder that in the same year -- 1933 -- C. F. Potter, John Dewey’s co-author of the Humanist Manifesto, called for the synthesizing of all religions and "a socialized and cooperative economic order."


Like Hitler and Goebbels, Dewey and Potter realized the importance of infecting youth with their distinct world vision. Almost paraphrasing Hitler’s famous statement on education, C. F. Potter concluded: "Education is thus a most powerful ally of humanism, and every American public school is a school of humanism. What can the theistic Sunday schools, meeting for an hour once a week, teaching only a fraction of the children, do to stem the tide of a five-day program of humanistic teaching?"

Now more than 6 decades later, we can view the wreckage strewn over the sands of time in American society since this “pragmatic” “progressive”,  humanistic, secular approach to education was foisted on America by a peculiar mix of Socialists and Communists backed by the Illuminist forces of destruction thru Rockefeller dollars.

The evidence is all too clear; the remedy is as well. Home schooling, local parental control over schools and education, the abolition of all Federal involvement, the elimination of the PTA, the elimination of all teacher’s unions, and a return to the basics and classics of education taught before John Dewey’s deadly vision corrupted American education and society -- only these steps can eventually bring about an American cultural Renaissance.

We must permanently replace all of John Dewey’s speculative theorems; we must promote instead the eternal virtues and principles which have made this country great, and restore the truths, ethics, conduct and values which have served as the eternal bedrock to the anchor of our Constitutional Republic.

L C Vincent


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