Monday, October 17, 2011

The Bloody Coincidences of 9/11

When I Remember 9/11,  I Remember "Co-Incidence"....

by L C Vincent

When I pause to remember 9.11.01, my memories seem to drift from one scenario to another, from one atrocity to the next.  Most of all, when i remember 9/11, my mind reels from the vast numbers of inexplicable coincidences which seem to revolve around this national tragedy.

I remember that over 200 people jumped to their deaths from The Twin Towers, no longer able to withstand the suffocating smoke and searing flames.  I remember their heart-breaking, terrifying leaps into the empty nothingness of space -- just to be free, to exist for a mere 10 seconds more, before suffering instant death on the concrete sidewalks of the World Trade Center below.  I remember the thousands of fire fighters and rescue workers who died slow, lingering deaths, as many still do 'till this day, because our Environmental Protection Agency had falsely assured them that the air at Ground Zero was safe to breathe, despite the fact that all the workers from the EPA always wore full HazMat suits at Ground Zero.

I remember how the top of the South Tower was COMPLETELY DISCONNECTED  from the lower portion of that building and was falling from it, yet we were told by the toads of NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) that the tops of the World Trade Centers acted like "pile drivers" to collapse the structures beneath them-- even tho the structures beneath them were completely undamaged, and the structures above them weighed nearly the exact same amount as they did before the plane strikes.  And whereas real ‘pile drivers’ must be raised far into the air and then dropped for any ‘pile driving’ effect to actually take place, it is my recollection of that day that neither top of either World Trade Center was lifted and then dropped onto the building below it.   However, I do remember that the designers of the World Trade Centers had stated that they had designed both World Trade Centers to survive multiple strikes from fully fueled 4 engine transatlantic airliners, and that somehow, all 47 of the steel core columns of both buildings disappeared even tho neither plane struck either central core of either tower.

I will also remember that jet fuel, with perfect vaporization, can reach approx. 1600 degrees Farenheit, while structural steel melts at approximately 2700 degree Farenheit.   I also remember that the majority of the fuel from both planes burned outside of the buildings.  I remember that a fire broke out in one of the towers at the World Trade Center in 1993 and burned for over 6 hours without causing ANY structural damage to that building, just as I will remember that nowhere else on the planet has any steel framed high rise building ever collapsed from fire, even from fires  that burned for 18 hours straight.   I definitely remember that the World Trade Center towers were the first -- and only -- steel framed buildings to completely collapse due to fire at any time, anywhere in the world, altho both of these fires lasted less than two hours.

I do remember wondering how it was that 90,000 tons of hardened steel and re-enforced concrete could essentially be vaporized into a powder finer than talc, and spread throughout lower Manhattan; I wondered how unburned particles of military grade nano-thermite could be found in the residue throughout the World Trade Center, and dismissed because the samples had not come from “official government sources.”   I wondered about the psychic ability of the person who had arranged for the sale of scrap metal from the World Trade Center collapse to be sold and shipped to China, months in advance of the attack on the World Trade Center; just as I wondered how "Lucky" Larry Silverstein, who owned The World Trade Center and who ritually enjoyed breakfast every morning at the “Windows on the World Restaurant” on the top floor of The World Trade Center, had somehow decided not to do so on the morning of September 11th.

I will remember that only a day after the World Trade Center Towers  #1 and #2 collapsed, investigators discovered glowing hot spots of radioactivity under both piles of rubble; and that rivers of molten steel were observed running under both World Trade Centers as late as December 21st, over three months after their collapse; what sort of otherworldly jet fuel could do that?... I remember wondering.   I even remember that nearly all the gold and silver bars stored in the basements of the World Trade Center towers were removed the previous day, but that one truck  was found stuck under the debris pile.  Somehow, the custodians of all that gold and silver (nearly 100 tons of precious metals) had apparently moved it out on a hunch or a whim the day before 9/11, because, of course, no one other than the alleged hijackers and Osama bin Laden had advance knowledge of this event.

I will remember the denials of our government that the black boxes from the planes which struck The World Trade Center towers were not found at Ground Zero, when three of the four boxes actually were found at Ground Zero by firefighters Mike Bellone and Nicholas De Masi, who publicly stated in 2004 that they had found them.  I remember reading that Bellone and De Masi said that Federal agents told the two men not to mention having found them, and all the black boxes were immediately confiscated by the FBI.

I remember that approximately one month before 9/11, both towers were shut down for an entire weekend, electrical power to both towers completely cut, and bomb sniffing dogs removed from both buildings, while anonymous "workers" in gray suits, hauling huge cables on their arms, moved in and out of both towers, doing "repairs" of an unknown nature, resulting in people returning to their offices the following Monday at The World Trade Center to find a 1/2 inch layer of dust covering everything.

I will remember that two seismographs in New York (separately) recorded deep, underground disturbances approximately 15 seconds before either plane struck either tower, which could indicate cutting charges severing both buildings from their foundations by explosives -- or perhaps New York City coincidentally suffered two significant earthquakes precisely 15 seconds before either plane struck either tower. You do believe in coincidence, don't you?

I will, while these events are still fresh in my memory, recall that Building Seven, a 47 story tower at the World Trade Center, collapsed later that same day, despite not being hit by any airplane, even tho it only had 3 small office fires on various floors.   I remember that it fell straight down, perfectly and symmetrically right into its own footprint, almost as if it had been purposely collapsed by pre-planted explosives.  I will remember that the collapse of Building Seven, which most Americans still know nothing about, coincidentally destroyed all ongoing security fraud cases against World Com, Enron and Global Crossing, which had been housed in Building Seven at the Security and Exchange Commission.  I will also remember that the BBC News Network had announced the collapse of Building Seven nearly a 1/2 an hour before it occurred, while the outline of Building Seven remained clearly visible in the  TV background of this very BBC reporter as she psychically reported its future demise.  I will also remember the video taped interview with "Lucky" Larry Silverstein, owner of the entire World Trade Center complex, where he plainly stated (re: building Seven) that he gave the order to “pull it” -- which is the standard terminology used in the demolition industry to collapse a building and destroy it using pre-planted explosive charges.  Just another amazing coincidence that day!

I will remember that the Israeli telephone firm Odigo had warned all 400+ of its employees hours before the World Trade Center was attacked to evacuate the building; just as I remember the 5 dancing Israeli’s who had set up a video camera on a  tripod across the Hudson River, and who were video taping the planes as they hit the WTC Towers.   They were seen laughing,  celebrating and hi-fiving each other as the carnage unfolded before their eyes -- until they were arrested.  I remember, curiously, that their van featured  a painted graphic of The Twin Towers with an airplane flying into them.   Co-incidence, ... it is an amazing thing!

I will also remember that when these five Israeli "art students" were arrested and their van was searched, the police found Arab style garments, fake passports, and the police bomb sniffing dogs reacted positively for explosives.  I will also remember that they were allowed to return to Israel within a few weeks, with no charges ever pressed against them.  I remember that when three of these video documentary revelers were interviewed on Israeli television (you can still see their video on YouTube), and asked why they were in New York with their video camera, they stated quite simply that they “....were there to record the event...” -- which, of course, begs the question as to how they knew  that “The Event” of 9/11 was going to happen... and if they really knew in advance, why they did nothing to warn us, their ally?  I still remember Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s curious, spontaneous reaction to 9/11 when he was asked about it.  He blurted that “ will be good for Israel.”  One must have one’s priorities!

I also must remember to ask why the U.S. lapdog Media is constantly complicit in ignoring any story which contradicts the official government conspiracy fantasy as outlined in the "official" 9/11 Commission Report.    I must also remember asking why The National Geographic (NatGeo) has done two hour long television specials debunking (or more accurately, trying to debunk) all skeptics of the official government fairy tale, while constantly referring to non-government investigators as “truthers” -- thereby using the terminology of a psy-op (psychological operation directed against the public) to disparage those who wish to bring inconvenient truths to light, all the while NatGeo does its best to keep those truths from truly being revealed and understood.

I remember and still wonder why the magazine Popular Mechanics Magazine devoted an entire issue to supposedly debunking the “myths” of 9/11, without also admitting that the majority of their staff had been replaced by CIA operatives 6 months prior?  Or that the author of the article on the debunking of 9/11 "myths" issue, Benjamin Cherthoff, just happened (coincidentally, of course!) to be the cousin of Michael Cherthoff, our first Head of Homeland Security, a relationship Benjamin Cherthoff had vehemently denied until being nailed with irrefutable proof!

And speaking of Michael Cherthoff, I also remember that Mr. Cherthoff, acting as Head of Homeland Security, secretly chartered 4 intercontinental airliners and filled these 4 planes with with all of Osama Bin Laden’s relatives who had been in the United States on 9/11, and then flew bin Laden’s relatives to the Middle East the day after 9/11, when no other planes were allowed to fly above U.S. air space; just as I remember that Mr. Cherthoff left his job soon thereafter to become the head promoter of RapiScan Technologies, which makes airport security X-ray scanners($325K each) for all U.S. commercial airports to guard against terrorists.  How fortuitous for Mr. Cherthoff.... but I'm sure that this was just a lucky coincidence as well.

While I remember this, I also remember that Osama bin Laden’s actual undercover (CIA given) name was Tim Osman, and that Mr. Osman was previously on the CIA payroll when he worked for the CIA in Afghanistan.  As I do this, I am compelled to also remember that the Bush family and the bin Laden family, coincidentally, had business relationships that stretched back more than twenty years; and I find it ironic that while the majority of the hijackers reputedly came from Saudi Arabia, we did not attack nor invade Saudi Arabia, but instead chose to attack Iraq and Afghanistan.

Speaking of Iraq, I remember that The Project for the New American Century (P-NAC) was written in Israel a few years prior to 9/11 by Neo-Cons and eventual Bush II cabinet members and dual U.S./Israeli citizens Richard Perle, Lewis Libby, Douglas Feith, William Kristal (CFR), Elliiot Abrams (CFR), Aaron Friedberg (CFR), Donald Kagan (CFR), Robert Kagan (CFR), Stephen Rosen, Eliot A. Cohen, Paul Dobriansky, Fred C. Ickle, Paul Wolfowitz, and Norman Podhoretz -- all Zionist zealots who had predicted that only a new “Pearl Harbor” type of event would motivate, outrage and energize Americans sufficiently to project our military power permanently to the Middle East in order to control (NOT extract) the Arab oil, gas, and mineral supplies from growing Chinese and Russian influence and protect their Israeli homeland.   In fact, I remember that according to former Secretary of the Treasury Paul O’Neil, that President Bush expressed his desire to invade Iraq in his very first U.S. Security Council meeting, 8 months prior to 9/11.

I also remember the fact that the entire, monstrously misnamed “Patriot Act” (the law that helped eviscerate our Bill of Rights, our freedoms as Americans, and the very freedoms our troops are supposedly fighting to protect in the numerous wars throughout the Middle East) was written prior to 9/11, just waiting in the wings for the right “event” to be dragged out and sold to a panicked American populace as a pancea to be used against terrorists, when in reality it was designed to be used against The American People.  I remember that this so-called "Patriot Act" was not written by Osama bin Laden.  It was written by Neo-Cons, globalists and internationalists serving George Bush II who conveniently masquerade as Americans, and yet who truly despise our freedoms, and value our Constitution as reverently as George Bush II, who referred to The Constitution of the United States as ".... just a God-damned piece of paper...." .  I also remember how this despicable piece of legislation, The 'Patriot Act',  was strongly endorsed and promoted by the Bush Administration.  Yet even if one still naively believes that 19 Arabs with box cutters committed the atrocity of  9/11 because they "despised our freedoms", as George Bush so often claimed, you must recognize and admit that it was President Bush and his administration which actively assisted them in actually destroying many of our freedoms enshrined in The Bill of Rights thru the crafting and promotion of The Patriot Act and its double-down offspring, Patriot Act II.  Or do you care to remember that?

Continuing along this peculiar path, I even remember that despite the Pentagon being ringed by 86 video security cameras, the U.S. Government has seen fit to show us only four frames of video from one security camera that day, which does not show any airliner striking the Pentagon; it only shows an explosion.  Skeptics are quick to point out that the 72 foot high tail of the alleged airliner would have been easy to spot, even in the four frames of video released, IF it had been there... but that airliner nor its towering tail is nowhere to be seen in these frames.

I will remember wondering why, if our government has simply told the truth about an airplane strike on The Pentagon, that we cannot be shown full motion videos from the other 85 video cameras which ringed The Pentagon that day, and why the videos from those cameras are still classified?  What is it that these videos could possibly reveal that would be considered a national security secret, or that we do not know already?  After all, we already “know” (because our government told us so and would never lie to the American Public) that a plane struck the Pentagon, so what else could there possibly be to keep secret on these other 85 videos?  And why did the FBI visit all the businesses around the Pentagon and confiscate videos from any security camera that might have possibly recorded the “airplane” that hit the Pentagon?  Unless, of course, it wasn’t an airplane....

But if the object that struck The Pentagon wasn't an airplane, then it could have only been a missile.  And if a missile did strike The Pentagon, then it raises the disturbing questions of who launched it, and from where was it launched?  A mobile missile launcher, invisible to The Pentagon's 86 video cameras?  A huge, yet invisible truck?  Another aircraft, unknown, invisible and not yet discovered after 10 years?  Where could such a missile have come from?  The caves of Osama bin Laden, perhaps?

I remember, ironically, that the ‘plane’ that allegedly struck The Pentagon flew directly into the offices of the accounting unit which had been tasked with the job of locating 2.3 TRILLION DOLLARS that The Pentagon had sheepishly revealed they had somehow lost the day prior, on September 10th.  The explosion and death of those 31 Army investigators (Resource Services, Washington) permanently stopped that investigation.  Just another coincidence.

I also remember that Israeli dual citizen, and Rabbi, and Undersecretary for the Defense Department, Dov Zakheim, had been tasked with finding that missing 2.3 Trillion dollars;   I also seem to remember that Mr. Zakheim was Vice President of a company called System Planning Corporation, an Israeli-based company whose specialty was designing and building remote control guidance systems for airplanes, boats and missiles.   Can you say coincidence?  I knew you could!

The reason I bring up the idea of a missile again, of course, is that I well remember the very peculiar trajectory of the "airliner" which allegedly struck The Pentagon.  I remember puzzling over the fact that the novice "pilot" of this "airliner", instead of choosing to simply dive into his target as any Kamikazee style attacker would have done, chose instead to perilously level off perfectly parallel to the ground, over a half mile away from his target, and then fly perfectly parallel to the ground and just four feet above the ground for over 3 football fields in length.   Then this suicide "plane" (coincidentally) just happened to slam directly into the one suite of offices that had been tasked with finding that missing 2.3 TRILLION dollars!  Why, it's almost as if that "plane" had been aiming  at this one particular spot in The Pentagon, almost as if it were somehow drawn or magnetically guided to this one particular area of The Pentagon by remote control... almost as if it really were a missile and not a plane... assisted, perhaps, by technology from a company like Mr. Zakheim's...

Yet I will remember being amazed at how this fragile airliner and its even more delicate nose cone, covered by a thin plastic material which birds frequently destroy on impact, somehow penetrated thru three rings of The Pentagon consisting of granite, concrete, rebar and structural steel, leaving perfectly round 16 foot holes in every one of these massive barriers.  Despite these very solid obstacles, the miraculous nose cone of this “airplane” never suffered any deterioration or deformity thru 3 layers of The Pentagon, and yet there were no remains of that very special, indestructible nose cone in the rubble. I will also marvel that all the bodies, all the luggage, and all the hard parts of that airplane vaporized on impact, (including the tungsten-carbide jet engines turbines) leaving only one small scrap of aluminum on the lawn as an indication of an airplane strike.  I also remember Donald Rumsfeld reporting that a missile had hit the Pentagon, before he quickly caught and corrected himself by saying that it was really an airplane.  Of course, he misspoke.  Just a coincidence.

And while I continue to remember the Pentagon attack, I will also remember that Vice President “Dick” Cheney was ensconced at The Pentagon, directly on the opposite side of The Pentagon “plane” attack, where he was directing 4 separate, independent military aircraft exercises on that very day, at the same time as the airplanes were flying into the World Trade Center and The Pentagon.  And I remember, when I learned of this interesting juxtaposition, that I marvelled at the incredible coincidence that these 4 separate military exercises (Operation Northern Vigilance, and Operation Vigilant Guardian among them) miraculously, and once again --completely coincidentally -- involved hijacked airplanes flying into both The World Trade Centers and The Pentagon!  What an amazing coincidence!  What are the astronomical odds of such an event occurring?  Perhaps almost as rare as the odds of the major media even mentioning this verifiable fact since it was first discovered!

Why is it that I distinctly remember that several hundred airline pilots, who fly these EXACT same aircraft on a daily basis, have publicly stated that the maneuvers reputedly performed by those Arab hijackers, (who had slightly more than 20 hours of experience flying a single engine propeller Cessna aircraft), would be nearly impossible for them to duplicate, even tho most of these pilots are combat veterans with 20,000 plus flying hours on jets?  Why do I remember these professional pilots stating that it is physically impossible for a passenger jet to fly at 500 miles an hour 4 feet above the ground without that jet plane being forced to rise about 60 feet above that altitude, due to the 'air cushion' ground effect generated beneath the main wing by such close proximity? According to these veteran airline pilots, it would have been impossible for any jet aircraft to strike the Pentagon at such a low level with such a long flight path approach -- impossible for a passenger jet, but certainly not for a guided missile.

Why is it that over 250 of these pilots have formed an organization called “Pilots for 9/11 Truth” which details the near physical impossibility of the maneuvers these jets were put thru that day?  Why do I remember that over 1500 architects have formed an organization called “Architects for 9/11 Truth” which insist it is a physical impossibility for any of the THREE World Trade Center buildings to have collapsed due to the airplane strikes and fires in World Trade Centers One and Two, as described in the "Official" 9/11 Commission Report? And why did the "Official" 9/11 Commission report choose to totally ignore the collapse of the 47 story Building Seven into its own footprint?  Was the collapse of Building Seven simply omitted from the final "official" government report?   Because there was no valid explanation for the collapse of Building Seven that the lapdogs at NIST could conjure?

Of course, I also remember the heroic passengers aboard Flight 93 who, we are told, crashed their airplane into the field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.  And I remember wondering why, unlike every airline crash that has ever happened both before or after Shanksville, that there were no airliner parts, no engine parts, no landing gear, no bodies, no luggage -- in short, NOTHING which one would find at any other airline plane crash that has ever happened-- just a black hole in the ground.  It also makes me remember asking myself why, if this airplane simply crashed due to the passengers trying to take over this airplane from the hijackers, that a debris field from this airplane actually starts 8 miles from the crash site.  The only way that this could happen, of course, is if the airplane had started breaking up 8 miles prior to the fuselage crashing into the field.  And while I reminisce about the poor people on board this flight, and their magical ability to communicate with their loved ones via primitive cell phone technology while thousands of feet in the air, I also remember the name of the U.S. Air Force pilot, Rick Gibney, who confessed to shooting down Flight 93.  Of course, if Mr. Gibney had shot down Flight 93 as he publicly stated, it would also mean that the entire scenario of passengers valiantly fighting against the terrorists on this airplane has been totally fabricated, just as the motion picture derived this fictional event ("Flight 93") would have been made up out of whole cloth for public consumption as yet another psy/op on the American public.

Perhaps related to the above mystery, I also remember that the direction of our nation’s air defense had been switched, for the first time in our history, from NORAD to the Secretary of Defense (Mr. Donald Rumsfelfd) only a few months prior to 9/11, and then was immediately switched back to NORAD ONE DAY LATER, on 9/12.  Coincidence, of course!

I will remember that Mr. A.B. “Buzzy” Krongard, formerly the #2 man at the CIA, had placed ‘shorts’ on multiple  stocks  affected by this tragedy a week before this event, and that this exact story, featured prominently in the San Francisco Chronicle for 3 days after 9/11, has completely disappeared from the media to this day.   I will remember that George Bush II's brother Marvin Bush, as well as his cousin, Wirt Walker, were on the boards of Securicom and Stratesec, and that both these companies had been tasked with the security at The Word Trade Center and, coincidentally, at Dulles International Airport, where the flights took off for the attack, a fact which the castrated lamestream Media is loathe to mention.  I will remember how 8 of the 19 "hijackers" turned up alive in the Middle East days after the attacks; and I will remember wondering why any hijackers who planned to attack both New York and Washington, D.C. would decide to drive from Florida, all the way to MAINE, passing both New York City  and Washington D.C., their reputed targets, and instead hinge the success of their entire operation on catching connecting flights from Maine to Boston, where, we are told, they hijacked their planes....

I also remember wondering about the astounding navigational abilities of these novice flyers, who could barely fly single engine Cessnas to navigate to destinations that they could not visually see, and make maneuvers many airline pilots with military training said they could not do, and fly three planes into both the World Trade Center towers and The Pentagon.  I will remember wondering why  they did not fly directly out of any of the airports that are visible from their targets, like JFK, Newark or La Guardia airports, since doing so would have lessened the time that our air defense would have had to respond to their threat, and would have also allowed them to visually fly to their targets, rather than have to navigate to them.  And exactly how did they manage to do that navigation -- via instruments?... or "dead" reckoning?  or what?   Their advanced aircraft navigational skills which they apparently learned by piloting single engined propeller Cessnas are surely astounding!

Continuing my reminisces, I will remember that William Rodgriquez, the last man out of the World Trade Center, was on sub-level 4 when he heard a series of explosions below him, and when he ran out into the corridor, he saw fallen ceilings, collapsed walls, corridors strewn with rubble, and one his best friends walking towards him with his skin hanging off his body in sheets.   I remember Mr. Rodriguez repeatedly stating that the plane hit the Tower where he was located nearly a minute after these explosions occurred.   I will also remember that William Rodriguez testified about these facts personally, not only to the 9/11 Commission, but face to face with President Bush about these strange anomalies;  and yet his testimony is nowhere to be found in the “official” 9/11 Commission Report; instead, it has been completely omitted, obviously censored.  I will remember how William Rodgriquez was courted by President Bush and the Republican establishment to run for public office, just as I remember how those Republican offers of support dried up when William Rodriguez would not change his truthful testimony which refuted the official government 9/11 conspiracy fantasy fairytale.

I will also remember that the “official” government 9/11 Commission Report only allowed evidence which supported the “official” Government conspiracy explanation while omitting everything and everyone else that did not; further, I will remember that the authors of the 9/11 report stated after the report was released that they were repeatedly delayed, misled, lied to and deceived by various branches of the government and the military. I will remember that the 9/11 Commissioners knew that military officials misrepresented the facts to the Commission, and that the Commission considered recommending criminal charges for their false statements; that co-chair of the commission, Lee Hamilton, said the commission was set up to fail; that commissioner Timothy Roemer said that they were extremely frustrated with the false testimony they received from government officials; that commissioner Max Cleland said the 9/11 commission was a national scandal and that “...this (Bush) White House wants to cover it up....”; and that senior counsel to the 9/11 Commission, John Farmer, stated:  “ At some level of the government, at some point... there was an agreement not to tell the truth about what happened.”

I will also remember that the 9/11 families had to move heaven and earth in order to get George Bush II to form a commission of inquiry into 9/11, a move he resisted with every atom of his being, and that when he finally, reluctantly agreed more than one full year later to the creation of the 9/11 Commission, he appointed globalist Henry Kissinger, who was immediately condemned and almost universally despised, as his choice to head the commission.  It was Dr. Kissinger, of course, who had in the past said of the military and its members:  “Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy.”  This is the man that President Bush hand picked to head the 9/11 Commission!

Yet most of all, as I remember the people, events, anomalies and unexplained mysteries of 9/11, I remember that there was not one single person, male or female, in government, in civil service, in the military, or in civilian life, who was in any way punished, reprimanded, demoted, censored, prosecuted, imprisoned or executed for dereliction of duty, sub-standard performance, lack of planning , collusion, collaboration, treachery or treason.  In fact, I remember that not one single person in any way, manner, shape or form, was reprimanded or disciplined regarding the atrocity and mass murder of 9/11; yet I can point to hundreds of people who were, instead, promoted, given raises, and lauded, apparently for their incompetence!

These are just a few of my memories of 9/11.  If you do not “remember” any of them, or are only aware of a few of them, it’s because you have chosen to live in a fool’s paradise, spawned and created by the government-media complex which has misled you with lies that you thought to be true.  It is because you are too lazy, too complacent, too simple minded, and too unpatriotic to question the lamestream Media, question your own assumptions, do your own independent research, and come to your own conclusions while being spoon fed your beliefs by this government-media Nanny state.  Unlike nearly every person, many of them professionals with advanced degrees or members of our military, who are committed to the revelation of the real Truths of 9/11 and the genuine conspiracy that it involves, you have chosen to be a part of the herd mind, the stereotypical “sheeple”, led by the “Good Shepherds” of the international, globalist, Neo-Con, New World Order.

If this is indeed where your blind faith and trust in the imagined beneficence of government has led you, despite the repeated warnings of our Founding Fathers to always be suspicious of the motives and actions of ALL governments; and if nothing you have read above stirs you from your complacent lethargy to separate yourself from those who continue to promote the fictional fantasy outlined in "The Official 9/11 Commission Report", then may the chains of your eternal subservience, ignorance, and slavery rest lightly upon you.

If, on the other hand, you have discovered numerous mysteries and anomalies which strike you as more than slightly peculiar; canned government-media "explanations" which simply no longer ring true; curious anomalies which make you question why The Media has never revealed or investigated them or worse -- purposely hidden their existence from your consideration; and you find you are outraged that none of these verifiable truths have seen the light of day in the so-called "mainstream" media, despite the fact that each of these inconvenient truths have been well known for nearly a decade since 9/11... then you are ready to discover the real answers to those responsible for this criminal operation -- both the mass murder at the World Trade Center and the larger crime, The Hijacking of The American Nation.

I invite you to the join the growing ranks of the rest of us, truly Brothers and Sisters in The Spirit of Freedom, as we join in the quest for Truth and Justice for the victims of 9/11, to reveal the real perpetrators of this atrocity.

May those black-hearted assassins from every country which participated in this inhuman travesty be brought to Justice, so that every single needless death associated with 9/11, including the mass murder of the innocents in New York City, as well as every nation which has needlessly suffered death due to this premeditated false-flag operation, be ultimately and mercilessly avenged!

L C Vincent

Copyright 2011, L C Vincent, all rights reserved.  No portion of this material may be reproduced in any media, in whole or in part, without the expressed written permission of the author.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The "Fast and Furious" Spin of The Obama Administration

Operation “Fast and Furious” -- the supposed transfer of murderous semi-automatic assault weapons allowed to “walk” over the U.S./Mexico border, has the potential for the impeachment of our alleged President Obama as well as the execution and incarceration of others; the incompetent stooge Attorney General Eric Holder being a primary candidate. 

The principle fairy tale of this story grants these traitorous incompetents with plausible deniability by giving them the benefit of the doubt -- that this was a weapons tracking operation gone awry -- which is far too lenient an analysis.  The true purpose of this operation from the very beginning was to subvert and the 2nd Amendment by having the usual cheer leaders of civilian disarmament (Senators Schumer, Boxer, Lieberman, Feinstein) lead the charge as the weapons imported from the U.S. did their lethal work.

It is instructive to note that when this scandal first broke, the immediate media spin from Washington was that this was an operation that had gone terribly astray which had been initiated by low level agents and operatives without the knowledge of their superiors back in DC.  For anyone who knows how Washington and our occupying government actually work, such an explanation was laughable on its face.

President Obama probably cooked this operation up in private with President Calderon, and then instructed Eric Holder to instruct Mr. Melson, Director of the ATF, to be sure that a  large supply of semi-automatic weaponry  made its way across our borders to the Mexican drug cartels.  The idea behind this charade was to react in horror and feigned outrage when these weapons were discovered to be the murderous tools of the drug cartel henchmen who were killing Mexican nationals.  The plan would then be to have Mr. Obama react with that patented look of righteous indignation and pained (and feigned) sensitivity for the innocent lives lost solely due to the "fact" that our antiquated 2nd Amendment allowed capitalistic firearms dealers located in our border states to indiscriminately sell these murderous "assault" rifles to straw purchasers of the drug cartels, who then smuggled them over the U.S./Mexican border to commit their foul deeds.

What makes this laughably transparent is the following:  a.  the straw purchasers of these weapons were already prohibited purchasers based on the NICS identification system; when Arizona, Texas and other firearms dealers called the ATF in Washington to report these attempted straw purchases by felons, they were told by their top brass to let these purchases go thru, thereby violating Federal Law; b.  there was never any "mechanism" by which to trace these firearms after they left the American firearms dealers.  If the purpose behind this "operation" had actually been to trace where these weapons went, then there would have been an actual "mechanism" (such as imbedded electronic chips or RFID tags) to track these weapons via satellite;  however, this was never done!  Once these firearms were illegally purchased by their illegal straw purchasers, there was simply no way to "track" them anywhere. 

The reason that there was no "mechanism" to track these firearms is simple -- THERE WAS NEVER ANY PLAN BY OUR GOVERNMENT OR THE ATF TO TRACK THESE FIREARMS!  The actual plan was simply to find a way to get as many of these weapons over the Mexican border so that their use by the murderous drug cartels would enable both the Mexican and American governments to demand draconian restrictions on the sale of ALL semi-automatic weapons, including handguns, throughout the United States as a way of dealing with this serious "international" problem.

What further illustrates the blatant stupidity of the poseurs currently in power in Washington is their asinine assumption that all the murders these weapons would cause would somehow be magically restricted to the Southern (Mexican) side of our border!  When agent Brian Terry was murdered by one of these weapons on the American side of the U.S./Mexican border, the Washington "spin" --  that this "well-meaning" operation to "track" these firearms into the hands of the Mexican drug cartels to see "where they went" had somehow gone horribly awry -- was a total fabrication and cover-up of the actual intent and covert goal of this operation.

Adding further weight to this scenario is that neither the ATF nor any branch of our government had the foresight, courtesy or intelligence to inform any branch of the Mexican government, including their police, military or drug enforcement agency about this "operation."  As a result, the Mexican government, in open public debate, has correctly labeled this "operation" by the U.S. Government as an ACT OF WAR against the Nation of Mexico!  But somehow, this decree has never quite made it into the lamestream news reports, news papers or television broadcasts of our occupied nation.

There was only one goal here -- to push for the elimination of all semi-automatic "assault weapons" currently sold throughout the United States -- a type of firearm which has been available to the American public since the turn of the last century! As incredible as it may be, Mr. Obama and his lackeys cared nothing about the deaths (currently over 200 Mexican nationals) which can be directly attributed to these firearms allowed to "walk" over the border.  All they cared about -- as all ideologues do -- is the implementation of their "agenda," and the real cost in human lives and suffering be damned!

Of course, we have never touched upon the other anomalies about this story.  For one, it is always reported that some "2000 +" firearms were allowed to "walk" across the border.  The actual figure (see is much closer to FIVE thousand!  And also often not reported is that some of these "assault" rifles included .50 caliber BMG semi-automatic rifles -- the kind that this administration has decreed can "...bring down airplanes, jets and helicopters....".  But apparently putting them into the hands of murderous criminals and directly violating Federal, National and International laws was never any sort of consideration for our "leaders" in Washington.

Moreover, this story does not include the direct selling of firearms by the ATF to black street gangs in Indiana; nor does it include the direct selling of "assault" weapons and firearms by the ATF to Honduran drug gangs, two other suppressed stories that have yet to see the light of day. 

The upshot of all this is that in the wet dreams of firearms prohibitionists, the gullible U.S. public is supposed to rise up in anger and demand the suspension and outlaw the sale of such "weapons of war" (all semi-automatic firearms) to the American general public in order to prevent these deathly tragedies from occurring ever again.  This laughable scenario is made even more humorous when one studies the map of Mexico.  Here we see a nation with over a thousand miles of coast line, much of it unprotected, where semi-automatic weaponry from anywhere in the world could be imported via sea or air by the billionaire leaders of any of the drug cartels whenever they wished!   The idea that the drug cartels could only find and purchase their required semi-automatic "assault" rifles over the U.S./Mexican border from U.S. firearms dealers perfectly illustrates the level of imbecility rampant at the upper levels of the Obama administration.

The "Big Zero" at the head of our government in Washington didn't quite "slam/dunk" this one thru the hoop -- no more than he has been able to "kick start" the American economy by "focusing like a laser beam" on job creation.  Apparently when your real goal is to eliminate the middle class of a nation, while also attempting to disarm it at the same time, the disassociation between what one says versus what one does eventually becomes glaringly apparent.

The irony is that the 2nd Amendment may ultimately prove to be the Obama administration's ultimate undoing.   A more poetic scenario could not have been envisioned by our Founding Fathers  -- Samuel Adams, James Madison and Thomas Jefferson,  all of them advocates of the people's right to keep and bear arms.

L C Vincent

Copyright 2011, LC Vincent, all rights reserved.  No portion of this article may be used or reproduced without the expressed written consent of the author.

Friday, October 7, 2011

“9/11 Science and Conspiracy” Another Mind Control “Special” from National Geographic Television  (originally published October 2, 2009; revised October 7, 2011)

Many people might expect television programming produced under the hallowed banner of the The National Geographic to be impartial, unbiased, and definitely nonpolitical. Such assumptions could not be further from the truth. In reality, National Geographic continues to carry water for The Establishment, as they manufacture and produce psy-op warfare against the people of the United States in the guise of objective programming.

Continuing their unblemished string of supposedly fair and evenhanded examinations of controversial topics (UFOs, alien abductions, crop circles, etc.), National Geographic Television has once again applied their “unbiased” expertise to 9/11 conspiracy theories and those who pursue them.

If you missed this National Geographic TV show, “9/11 -- Science and Conspiracy,” which aired on August 31st of 2009, I urge you to do whatever necessary to track it down and see it, for it is truly a classic example of mind-control, subterfuge, misdirection and diversion parading as objective research.

“9/11--Science and Conspiracy” once more illustrates NatGeo’s slick, formulaic approach towards any issue of controversy that threatens The Establishment they serve so well. And if any issue really threatens “The Establishment” today, it is obviously those who continue to insist that 9/11 was an “inside job.”

The title itself let’s the cat slip out of the bag. “Science” is posited against “Conspiracy.” So obviously, “Science” and the evidence it has accumulated MUST be on the rational side of the argument, against the “irrational” side, and therefore against Conspiracy Theory, according to NatGeo's simplistic framing of the issue for us.

Unfortunately, for both the U.S. Government AND NatGeo, “science” increasingly points to one unavoidable conclusion: that a faction of the United States Government, aided and abetted by our ‘Great Ally” in the Middle East, was the driving force behind the mass murder of nearly 3,000 U.S. citizens on September 11, 2001 for financial and political gain.

NatGeoTV wastes little time in revealing their unique perspective regarding investigators who have the temerity to question “official” government dogma, nor do they forego any trick of subtle media manipulation, including the withholding of contradictory evidence, manipulative editing and narration, psychological marginalization of all 9/11 investigators, and deletion of all inconvenient truths during this program, in order to achieve their aims of discrediting any credible inquiry into the mass murder and subversion of our government which 9/11 actually represents.

Lest the casual reader happen to think that the process I am about to dissect and examine was simply due to an unfortunate assemblage of differing points of view, let me be very clear that in my considered opinion,  NatGeoTV was directly involved in the process of mind control and the purposeful shaping of popular opinion for reasons which can only be considered as being directly detrimental to the core values of this great Republic they pretend to fairly represent with their documentaries.

Let us now descend into this NatGeo special on 9/11 and the conspiracy theories and theorists that still swirl around its carcass.

o o o

Less than 5 minutes into the program, we are informed via voice over, that those who question the official government version of the incidents of 9/11 are henceforth to be called “truthers.” This immediately provides a negative psychological slant to all investigators of the crimes associated with 9/11 by equating anyone who questions the so-called “official” government version of the atrocities committed on that day with some lunatic fringe cult.

Rather than being correctly described as concerned citizens, skeptical inquirers, citizen investigators, (usually composed of a large sprinkling of architects, pilots, structural engineers, etc.) we are informed that all of these people -- this sub-group of humanity -- shall be henceforth be thought of, referred to and known as “truthers” throughout the remainder of the documentary.

Truthers -- now where have we heard this subtle bit of sarcasm used before? Of course -- those who question the birth place of Barrack Obama are not investigators or concerned citizens of Constitutional government either -- they are “birthers!”  Just another Establishment Main Stream Media trick to trivialize and marginalize honest citizen inquiry by those who expect to have their “official” conspiracy theories accepted without question.

o o o

To help illustrate the Government/Establishment side of the 9/11 explanation, NatGeo provides viewers with a three pronged approach during this nefarious documentary designed to marginalize critics of The Official 9/11 Government report:

1. NatGeo stages elaborate recreations purporting to show that the issues 9/11 critics and investigators have “obsessed” upon are very simple to explain;

2. NatGeo brings in authoritative experts from leading universities (MIT and Purdue) to explain “what really happened” when the airplanes struck the twin towers and how their analysis “proves” 9/11 skeptics wrong;

3. NatGeo attempts to marginalize, trivialize and and ridicule ALL 9/11 skeptics, critics, doubters, investigators and researchers as being mentally deficient, paranoid, untrusting, and antigovernment.

The physical examples and re-creations NatGeo arranged for viewers included:

o the launch of a small rocket on a sled to attempt to duplicate an airplane striking the Pentagon;

o suspending a naked steal beam directly under a 2000 degree fire which causes the beam to bend and buckle;

o viewing a sample of thermite that cannot cut thru a steel beam;

o seeing a controlled demolition of a building with dynamite which leaves behind evidence of the devices (blasting caps) used in its demolition, and

o an amusing computer animation of “rogue” planes substituting for the planes which supposedly struck the World Trade Center towers and the Pentagon.

All of these examples, of course, are either bogus, irrelevant, or contrived.

a. The rocket sled launch of an aluminum cylinder meant to represent an aircraft slamming into the Pentagon is not required to go through 5 layers of brick, limestone, concrete and rebar, nor create the same size entry hole and exit hole (16 feet in diameter) as happened at The Pentagon. Their model proves nothing;.

b. The weighted steel beam which deforms directly under a 2000 degree focused fire does not address the fact that kerosene fires at the World Trade Center did not burn hotter than 1200 degrees (and probably not more than 600-700 degrees), not 2000 degrees, due to incorrect air-fuel ratios that were not jet engine “ideal.”

Most of the fuel on both aircraft burned outside of the buildings, not inside; moreover, all the steel beams of the building were covered with asbestos, and the government speculation that this asbestos was shaken loose by the collision of the aircraft with the building is nothing more than an unproved supposition which -- even if it were accurate -- would still make the three World Trade Center towers the first steel high-rise buildings anywhere on the planet to collapse due to fire.

c. Thermite can cut steel quite easily -- yet the example NatGeo used could not cut thru a steel beam. Why NatGeo’s thermite was not capable of cutting thru steel remains a mystery as there are numerous examples on YouTube of regular thermite destroying entire automotive engine blocks, even entire automobiles, in seconds.

d. And of course, by using regular thermite in their demonstration, NatGeo conveniently bypasses the most recent findings -- that much more powerful NANO-THERMITE was used to destroy the structural integrity of the World Trade Center towers; and NANO-THERMITE would leave no debris residue in its aftermath like the blasting caps and wires used in the ordinary dynamite demolition of the building used in NatGeo's demonstration;

e. finally, the “rogue plane” replacement computer animations are merely speculation, distraction and misdirection from the central inquiry of the documentary.

Viewers are then introduced to Mete Zosen, PhD, Purdue University, who states that Purdue’s findings “confirmed the NIST (National Institute of Science and Technology) report.” But of course, the NIST report and the “official” government report on 9/11 never bothered to try to explain the collapse of the THIRD TOWER, building # 7, which was visually shown in the documentary but never identified by name.  Moreover, Dr. Zosen fails to acquaint the viewer with ALL of the findings of the NIST report. How convenient -- for the Government!

For instance, Mark H. Gaffney, writing in an article on 12/15/06 about the NIST reported, entitled: “NIST -- Dead on Arrival” revealed the following about the NIST report that Dr. Zosen, for some reason, did not feel necessary or relevant to share with NatGeo viewers:   “Because the NIST did not have the necessary facilities, it contracted Underwriters Laboratories to conduct a series of fire endurance tests on trusses like those in the World Trade Center. (The recovered truss samples were too badly deformed during the collapse to test them directly so NIST fabricated new trusses identical in design). The purpose of the tests were to establish a baseline, and the results were surprising.

Not one of the truss assemblies failed during a series of four tests, not even the truss sprayed with the minimum amount of fire proofing. ‘The floors continued to support the full design load without collapse for over TWO HOURS.’ The Underwriter’s Laboratory tests not only laid to rest the theory that the trusses were the cause of the collapse on 9/11, but if anything, the tests demonstrated the fundamental soundness of the World Trade Center design.”

And yet, DESPITE Underwriter Laboratory findings that these identical trusses would have easily held their loads for at least two hours or more, Dr. Zosen never sees fit to mention these findings that directly contradict his theory of the World Trade Center collapses.

Next, Thomas Eagar, PhD, MIT Professor of Materials Engineering, takes another, more innovative approach to prove that the “pile driver” effect brought down both World Trade Center towers #1 and 2.

Dr Eagar’s “pile driver” analogy is based on the idea that after the the jet aircraft crash and fire weakened the floors of the World Trade Center where the plane had stuck, all the floors above the plane strike then acted like a “pile driver” to collapse the floors below it, pan-caking every single floor stack, one after another (at nearly free fall speed!) until the entire building was destroyed.

There are just a few things wrong with Dr. Eagar’s “pile driver” analogy, but the main problem with it is quite simple: it is laughably, embarrassingly, amazingly ludicrous!

Think about this quite clearly: if you have ever watched a real “pile driver” in action, you would see a very large weight hoisted above a beam or pile to be driven deeper into the ground. After the weight was hoisted many feet above the “pile” it would be SLAMMED DOWN into that pile by an hydraulic mechanism to add accelerative force against the pile below it.

Now, imagine if instead of SLAMMING that “pile driver” onto the top of the pile to ram it further and deeper into the earth, the mechanism of the pile driver simply and gently rested the pile driving weight on top of the pile. How long do you think it would take for a STATIC pile driver weight to “ram” the “pile” below it downwards? A few centuries perhaps? Millennia? Never?

Well, that is EXACTLY the analogy we have before us when viewing the tops of either World Trade Center Tower exerting force on the structure of the towers below the impact of the airplanes! THERE IS NO PILE DRIVER EFFECT!

The building structure below the impact strike of the planes is supporting almost EXACTLY the same amount of weight as it had before the impact, and moreover, the TOP of either World Trade Center was not “raised” and then “slammed” onto the floors below it, like it must be to truly act “like a pile driver” -- it was simply resting and being supported by the same 47 central core steel columns of the building as it had for several decades.

There was ABSOLUTELY NO REASON why any of the floors should have pan-caked and collapsed; yet even if one or two or three of them somehow had done so (a possibility that was ruled out by the Underwriter’s Laboratory tests of the trusses that supposedly collapsed on 9/11, EXCEPT that they did not collapse even under more extreme conditions during testing!) the remaining floors of the building would have supported the structure above it because the weight of the building and the vertical forces acting upon it HAD NOT CHANGED!  The impossibility of this collapse occurring for this reason has been demonstrated repeatedly by Richard Gage, AIA, President of “Architects for 9//11 Truth” (representing over 1500 architects throughout the United States) on numerous occasions.

But let us go against all of the real evidence regarding the strength of the World Trade Center’s internal structure. Let’s forget that both World Trade Center towers were designed to withstand MULTIPLE impacts by FULLY LOADED 707 JET AIRCRAFT STRIKING THE CENTRAL CORE OF THE BUILDING ; let’s forget that NEITHER of the jets striking either of the World Trade Center towers hit the central core, but rather the outer corners of the core and the building; let’s forget that Underwriter’s Laboratory PROVED that the trusses of the floors which had supposedly collapsed due to the fire of the jet fuel would actually hold structurally for at least TWICE as long as they did on the day of the World Trade Center collapse; let us forget that most of the jet fuel burned up as fire balls outside of the building, and that the remaining fuel burned far lower than 2000 degrees which was indicated by the black smoke of an oxygen-starved fire.

Let’s forgot ALL OF THE ABOVE. And now let’s pretend, just like our government does, that somehow NONE OF THE ABOVE is relevant, and that somehow all the floors of the World Trade Center started to pancake and collapse, one after another, on top of each other. Oh, one other thing we have to forget here.... we must forget that this collapse of every floor below the airplane impact proceeded at nearly FREE FALL SPEED, and that the ALL of the structurally integral floors below the aircraft impact provided almost ZERO resistance to the collapse of any of the floors above!

Granting this government fairy tale with all of the above assumptions, declarations and statements which have been proven to be lies, distortions, manipulations or omissions, we still must deal with this structurally unavoidable fact: the 47 central core columns of both World Trade Centers below the aircraft impact WOULD HAVE REMAINED STANDING!!!

Yet they did not -- they cold not -- for one and only one simple reason -- they were cut off BENEATH THE FOUNDATION OF THE BUILDING. That is the only possible explanation for the COMPLETE AND UTTER COLLAPSE OF WORLD TRADE CENTERS # 1, # 2, and of course, NUMBER SEVEN -- the World Trade Center tower that was never struck by any aircraft!

So it now appears that even professors at major universities are willing to play “patty cake” with the government to support its fairy tale conspiracy theory of 9/11. While such an assessment may seem harsh, the only avenues of thought left open to questioning citizens at this juncture is that these two professors have either been “persuaded,” “compelled” or “compensated” to mislead and misdirect -- OR that they are both so obviously incompetent that they should turn in their degrees and start over again.

Yet for all the obfuscation and misdirection provided by these two university professors, nothing compares to the sinister psy-ops used in this NatGeo special as the malicious aspersions cast directly against anyone who would dare question the Government/Media created fantasy of the “official” 9/11 Neo-Con-Spiracy report.

o o o

While people who have raised valid objections to the government white wash of this mass murder include architects, engineers, investigators, eye witnesses, members of our military, concerned citizens, pilots, first responders, family members -- all of them are repeatedly  trivialized and reduced to the label of “truthers”

On the side of actual research of the physical evidence, we have authors David Ray Griffin, Richard Gage of Architects for 9/11 Truth, and Dylan Avery, who wrote and produced “Loose Change” and “Loose Change II.”

Weighing in on the side of the Establishment and the Government/Media complex, we find such notables as smirking journalist Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone, and writers David Baldacci and David Adamovitch, all of whom project a detached, intellectual analysis of 9/11 investigators -- excuse me --“truthers,” -- as they attempt to explain the deficient mental state of these poor, benighted souls who simply cannot accept the government cover-up, or “official explanation,” for what occurred on that horrific day.

What is notable about these individuals is the pernicious mental manipulation and negative aspersions cast by these three “objective journalists” in their blanket condemnation and ridicule of any 9/11 investigators whose conclusions do not support the government fairy tale they so eagerly embrace.

To compound the subtle skewing of this inquiry into the 9/11 atrocity, and its supposedly objective presentation by NatGeo, we are treated to the delicate, dulcet narrative female voice of Randy Thomas, whose condescending tone towards anyone who would dare question government dogma and the government’s 9/11 conspiracy cover story is presented as hopelessly naive -- or worse. Hers is a voice, woven throughout the tapestry of this propaganda piece, that would make Tokyo Rose and her minions proud!

Matt Taibbi recites the two government conspiracy viewpoints held by the majority of those who feel 9/11 was an inside job: LIHOP or MIHOP. Either the U.S. government “Let it happen on purpose” or “made it happen on purpose.”

Early on the in program, Mr. Taibbi states: “The US govt. has been involved in all sorts of shenanigans to make money.” Talk about an interesting choice of whitewash words! “Shenanigans” -- such as overthrowing more than a dozen governments thru bloody assassinations and revolutions while torturing and killing thousands of people so that their countries can be raped by US business interests. Shenanigans....!  What a great choice of a word to marginalize and trivialize murder and treason.

Undoubtedly a crack, investigative reporter like Matt Taibbi might look at our latest great war of liberation in Iraq, where we have killed 1,300,000 civilians to install a puppet regime, as yet another example of more U.S. government “shenanigans.” So it should come as no surprise that Mr. Taibbi shrugs off any possibility that 9/11 could be anything other than exactly the way the U.S. Government has described it to be.  Trusting soul!

Mr. Taibbi continues: “Not knowing bothers people. People don’t want to think JFK was taken out by one guy. There had to be a conspiracy. JFK, Marilyn Monroe, 9/11, the list goes on...”

The narrator’s voice tell us how Americans have been “conditioned” to take a conspiratorial view of history; NatGeo mentions that 50% of Americans thought Roosevelt knew about Pearl Harbor in advance and allowed it to happen; 75% of Americans do not think that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone, and 33% of Americans think that our government either let 9/11 happen or made it happen.

This subtle piece of mind control immediately places the viewer on notice that, from the perspective of NatGeo and its production company, it is laughable that such a large percentage of Americans suspect Pearl Harbor was known beforehand and allowed to happen by President Roosevelt, or that there might have been more than one assassin who killed President Kennedy. And, by association, the idea that anyone in the audience could ever seriously entertain the notion that people in our government could have had any foreknowledge or worse -- enabled, permitted and abetted the commission of the crime of 9/11 is equally absurd.

Only one problem here: those who have done ANY investigation into these events can see the patterns of deception woven by those who wish to control the memory and ramifications of these events to their historical and political advantage.

Books like “Day of Deceit” by Robert B. Stinnett, regarding our deciphering of the Japanese Purple Code months before December 7, 1941, and Michael Collins Piper’s seminal work on the JFK murder, “ Final Judgment” would make even the most hardened skeptics reconsider facts that have been kept covered up and which point to outright conspiracies in both events. But by using these events as subtle camouflage, and by denigrating those who profess a lack of acceptance of the “official” government version of Pearl Harbor and the JFK assassination as conspiracy theorists, NatGeo immediately pushes its viewer into the ludicrous proposition that because these tragic events in American History have generated investigations into potential conspiracies behind them, now new conspiracy theorists have found a “fertile ground” to propagate and view every tragedy like 9/11 as more evidence for their conspiratorial frame of mind!

Only an extraordinarily naive viewer -- or a government educated “consumer” -- could be so easily deceived by official government propaganda. Perhaps that is why so many people are reluctant to accept the official government version of 9/11 -- even though the authors of the official Federal government whitewash on 9/11 themselves admitted nearly a year later after publication that evidence had been withheld from them and that they had been deceived while they were writing their report!

Ironically, many times throughout this documentary, we see book after book of the Federal Government’s official fairy tale of 9/11 come flying off the printing presses, as if to visually re-enforce the message that THIS IS THE TRUE VERSION OF THE TRUTH . Yet not once does NatGeo bother to mention that both the chairman of the 9/11 commission and members of the commission have publicly stated that they were lied to and deceived by the U.S. military, and that their investigation into 9/11 was “....set up to fail...”

But please -- do not bother NatGeo with the facts. NatGeo has more important fish to fry -- trying to provide a “scientific” smoke screen for the thousands of pieces of evidence which clearly point to government foreknowledge, complicity and cover-up of this atrocity against humanity and our civil liberties. NatGeo knows on which side their bread is buttered!

David Baldacci, critic, then states that “ -- the government time line has been consistent --” Well, that’s Mr. Baldacci’s OPINION, but it is not THE TRUTH. On the contrary, David Ray Griffin, an investigator featured in this NatGeo special, mentions several times that the government has had to quietly change many of their time lines because of discrepancies and inconsistencies... not one instance of which, of course, is ever mentioned by NatGeoTV.

David Adamovitch, writer and 9/11 skeptic, states: “As soon as they get into issues of what happened, they need to supply evidence.” This ‘they’, of course, refers to 9/11 conspiracy investigators. Except that any evidence provided by 9/11 conspiracy investigators is routinely dismissed because it does not fit into the fairy tale fantasy of the government spin doctors, OR it has not come from “official” government sources.

Consider what commentator Paul Craig Roberts had to say about this continuing investigative debacle: “People don’t even notice the contradictions. Recently, an international team of scientists, who studied for 18 months dust samples produced by the twin towers’ destruction collected from three separate sources, reported their finding of nano-thermite in the dust. The US government had scientists dependent on the US government to debunk the finding on the grounds that the authenticity of custody of the samples could not be verified. In other words, someone had tampered with the samples and added the nano-thermite. This is all it took to discredit the finding, despite the obvious fact that access to thermite is strictly controlled and NO ONE except the US military and possibly Israel has access to nano-thermite.”

We are told by Mr. Adamovitch that it was “unlikely” that a cruise missile struck The Pentagon. Why unlikely, one wonders, when ALL AVAILABLE EVIDENCE points to a cruise missile, including the fact that the jet rotor compressor found in front of the Pentagon was 4 X smaller than one that would be found from a 767, the type of jet that supposedly struck the Pentagon!

We are told, point blank, that there is “no evidence for demolition” of any of the 3 World Trade centers, other than the evidence of our own eyes, of course. Perhaps it would be more accurate to say that there is no evidence of a demolition which anyone in our government or NatGeo would accept. Yet evidence for a controlled demolition of all 3 World Trade Centers is simply overwhelming.

NatGeo tells its viewers that within the dynamics of the 9/11 “truther” movement, “...they do not process information that challenges their beliefs.” On the contrary, skeptical 9/11 investigators started from the BELIEF that the story of 9/11 was EXACTLY as their government had described it; it was only when multiple, recurring facts kept contradicting these beliefs, stated as “facts” by the 9/11 Commission, that so many citizens began to question the validity and honesty of the “Official” 9/1l Government report.

The NatGeo program continues throwing red herrings into the path of the curious and skeptical by stating that the alleged perpetrators would have to have access to the 47 core columns of both buildings in order to plant demolition charges-- how could that be possible, they ask? Well, what about the elevator renovations that were done just a few months prior to 9/11, when just such access was granted for both buildings?

What about the total electrical shutdown of both World Trade Center towers for 3 days, and the removal of bomb sniffing dogs, while “technicians” went into every level, nook and cranny of both World Trade Centers, without any defined purpose, bringing rolls of wire and large drills with them, less than two months before 9/11? When the electricity was turned back on the following Monday, and people returned to their offices to find a 1/2 inch layers of gray dust covering everything, no reason was ever given for the dust OR the shutdown. But hey, NatGeo...let’s pretend this never happened either!

And NatGeo also fails to mention that Marvin Bush (George Bush’s brother) was the head of Securicom and Stratesec, both responsible for the World Trade Center’s security, and security at Dulles International Airport. Somehow, NatGeo decided to just leave this little tidbit out... guess it could not possibly be relevant....

Nor is there ever any answer to Dylan Avery, creator of the “Loose Change” documentaries, about what caused molten metal to be observed in both basements of the World Trade Centers on 9/21 and 12/13, over three months later. Why was molten metal still flowing in the World Trade Center’s basements over three months AFTER 9/11? All this heat was supposedly generated by a fire from a simple jet fuel (kerosene) fire that had stopped burning more than two months earlier?

NatGeo also tells us that the search of remaining steel beams shows no evidence of thermite. Now let’s think this thru... IF factions of our government actually had a hand in this atrocity, would that same government keep beams which would reveal evidence of their use of nano thermite? What a surprise that no thermite or nano thermite was found on the beams or debris still stored in Hangar # 17 in New York City!

The 16’ hole in the front wall of the Pentagon matches the 16’ hole in the back wall of the Pentagon made by a 767 jet airliner-- thru 3 layers of steel and re-enforced concrete -- even though the nose cones of airliners are so fragile that they can be destroyed by birds in flight, or even a strong wind! But somehow this airliner must have used a tungsten carbide depleted uranium cover for its fuselage nose cone to get through THREE 18 inch layers of concrete and steel rebar, and still exit out the rear of the building creating the same diameter hole in which it had entered 3 walls earlier!

But if so -- where is that nose cone? After it exited those 3 layers of Pentagon steel, rebar, concrete and limestone, it must have still been intact in order to leave another, perfect 16 foot hole in the rear Pentagon wall. So where is that tungsten carbon depleted uranium nose cone???

And why is both the first and last hole in the Pentagon 16 feet in diameter, when the diameter of the fuselage of the 767 jet passenger plane which struck the Pentagon is substantially larger?

How, NatGeo, with an “...aircraft moving at 500 mph...” was the pilot, who had never flown anything larger than a single engine Piper Cub, somehow able to keep both wings perfectly level and parallel to the ground, only inches above the grass, without ever dragging either engine or wing tip on the grass below?

And how is it that the maneuver this planes’ novice hijacking pilot performed would be impossible for experienced pilots with thousands of hours of flight experience? Further, these pilots have stated that flying a 767 jet plane at nearly 500 mph at ground level is a physical impossibility, according to these professional airline pilots, because the “ground effects” from the wing at that speed would lift the plane far above ground level. Yet NatGeo ignores their testimony.

Of course, NatGeo fails to mention “Dick” Cheney’s assertion and correction that a missile struck the Pentagon. Or that “Dick” Cheney just “happened” to be at the Pentagon that day (on the exact opposite side of the building) conducting 4 dummy “war games” involving -- such a coincidence! -- hijacked air liners striking the World Trade Center!!!

That really is a silly coincidence, NatGeo! Let’s just forget about it and let’s not mention that either!

And still the silken, condescending female NatGeo voice-over continues during the visuals of the show.... “Truthers are not convinced....” “Truthers” believe that a missile struck the Pentagon.” “Clearly the ‘truthers’ are reluctant to accept the results of Pentagon tests of any of the online OFFICIAL explanations.” “Truthers are determined to believe...”

More accurately, the real ‘believers’ are those who believe in the official government fairy tale version of events and explanations, despite the thousands of discrepancies and anomalies and outright lies that have since come to light.

Yet again the dulcet female Randy Thomas voice over... “When confronted by evidence that challenges their beliefs, ‘truthers’ reject it.” This sound much more like how the government supporters of the official white wash and cover-up -- the 9/11 Commission Report -- would respond.

Then David Baldacci adds: ”The idea that shadow forces are at work in the government is more comforting than the real explanations.” I would add that they are not simply more ‘comforting’ but also more logical and more believable, considering all the available evidence.

Again, anyone who digs beneath the surface of the murders committed at Pearl Harbor, JFK’s assassination and the mass murders of 9/11 can see the pattern of the pieces of the puzzle. But if one is born hopelessly naive, or worse -- a paid hack to spout government propaganda -- then they will obviously replicate the 3 sitting monkeys of See -- Hear -- and Say No Evil. Perhaps NatGeo’s producer is after this ultimate Establishment award for their trophy case.

Again, David Baldacci states that “....there are strong psychological components in choosing conspiracy theory over reality (ie., ‘official’ government explanations)....” And among them are that these conspiracy minded people are paranoid, that a ‘story’ is better than ‘the reality’ or that worse than paranoia is the betrayal of indifference -- because an organizing intelligence is more comforting...” to them.  David Adamovitch continues this train of thought by telling viewers that “...people who argue against the Official Government Explanation cannot accept the ‘sincerity’ of others.”

But what, pray tell, does sincerity have anything to do with “factual evidence” or telling the truth? Cannot a person sincerely believe that they are stating the truth, when they are doing nothing more than actually stating a sincere falsehood?

Does another person who has access to evidence not available to the first person shirk his duty to The Truth by telling himself that the person stating the falsehood is so sincere that they should just accept what they say to be true so as not to hurt the former’s feelings? Or does such a person have a higher obligation to accept only that which is factual and provable, regardless of the sincerity of the person promulgating the falsehood?

Again, we are treated to the lilting, lulling voice of Randy Thomas, as she intones during a voice over that instead of accepting ‘facts’ presented by experts, ‘truthers’ continue to look elsewhere. But of course they do, Miss Thomas. They simply reject being lied to for political expediency to cover up MASS MURDER!

David Adamovitch continues: --” ‘Truthers’ have a religious need to believe in the conspiracy, a need which grows with every meeting and e-mail.” This assertion is almost laughable. If any group of people exhibit the classical need to genuflect to authority figures without question, it is the uncritical acceptors of the official government 9/11 fairy tale -- perhaps we should label them the “tailers.”

So, gentle reader, I think I have connected the dots of the Big Picture with enough accuracy that even the blind among us can see where NatGeo has tried to lead us, whereas The Truth would lead us elsewhere.

But in parting, I must add my own list of questions I wish NatGeo would have addressed, or at least even admitted, into their court of inquiry -- but for some inexplicable reason, they just could not quite seem to fit them into their “special” examination of “Science” versus 9/11 “Truthers”

I will let you be the judge as to why.



o The World Trade Center was a financial white elephant. Tenants were leaving because there was no provision for wired high speed internet and other modern telecommunications systems. Rewiring the entire building would have cost an enormous amount of money.

Moreover, the entire facade of both twin towers had to be replaced due to unexpected, galvanic corrosion between the aluminum ribs and the steel frame. Again, that replacement process would have cost nearly as much as both buildings originally had cost to build.

On top of that, both World Trade Center 1 and 2 had to have complete asbestos removal, a job that also would have cost more to do than it would have cost for both buildings to be rebuilt.

But shrewd real estate investor Lucky Larry Silverstein, knowing all of the above, somehow thought that the World Trade Center was a great real estate investment!

o No steel framed high rise building anywhere in the world -- before or after 9/11 -- was ever brought down by a fire. But somehow, the THREE World Trade Center steel beam towers totally collapsed from brief fires on the same day.

o The 47 story World Trade Center building #7 was never struck by an aircraft, but still completely collapsed due to two small fires that were not even fueled by kerosene (jet fuel).

o World Trade Center # 7’s collapse was never explained by NIST, and never explained by the “official” 9/11 government report. It was instead ignored because it could not be explained.

o Larry Silverstein said that he gave the order to “pull” World Trade Center #7 (on video tape) which alludes to pre-planted charges in the building; if World Trade Center #7 had pre-planted charges, why could not World Trade Center #1 and 2 also have had them?

o The complete electronic and power “shut down” of World Trade Centers #1 and 2 for an entire weekend immediately prior to 9/11, along with the removal of bomb sniffing dogs while work crews went in and out of the building with rolls of wire and drills, was never mentioned, nor was any reason ever given for this unprecedented “maintenance” operation.

o When tenants came back to work at both World Trade Center buildings the next week, they found all their cabinets and equipment covered with a 1/4 to 1/2 inch of fine powdered concrete dust, indicative of the drilling going on internally inside the building. Again, NatGeo never mentioned this.

o There is no discussion of the 17 second delay of all radio and television feeds going out “live” from New York City that day, which were satellite up-linked to prevent any errors from escaping the government censors (see YouTube).

Nevertheless, one major error did escape; the 2nd plane is shown entering the tower of the World Trade Center and then -- after going thru the entire building -- the COMPLETELY INTACT fuselage and nose cone of the same plane is seen exiting the building for a few brief seconds before a large on-screen “crawl” is hastily erected to cover the plane’s exit to hide this obvious computer enhanced error. Why no mention of this “interesting” anomaly?

o No mention is made of what sort of force could pulverize concrete, glass, and steel beams into microscopic dust, as happened at all World Trade Centers. What force did this? What force would have been able to do this? Surely not a simple building collapse!

o No mention is made of the antenna on top of World Trade Center #2 which can be seen being vaporized into dust before it disappears during the fall of the tower.

o No mention is made of the numerous vehicles -- fire trucks, taxi cabs, private cars, up to 6 blocks from the World Trade Center that were MELTED as if they had been in a blast furnace; what caused that???

o No mention is made of the fact that the debris pile from the two World Trade Center buildings would have been at least 9 stories high if they had simply fallen into their own footprint according to various architects.

o No mention is made of the fact that both World Trade Center towers fell at nearly free fall speed, with absolutely no resistive force encountered as the tops of the building supposedly ‘pan caked” through dozens of INTACT floors below. This is simply a physical impossibility.

o The qualities and capabilities of nano-thermite are never discussed or debated; moreover, the fact that only a government weapons laboratory could produce nano-thermite is ever discussed.

o Although there is a mention of the molten metal found flowing through the basements of both World Trade Centers over THREE MONTHS after their collapse, no rationale, no reason, no logical explanation for this inexplicable event is ever offered by NatGeoTV. The molten metal is simply mentioned -- then dropped -- as if the subject is irrelevant or “too hot to handle” -- or as if it had never happened.

o The fact that there was an extremely hot radiation signature directly over the World Trade Center towers for over a month after their destruction strongly suggests that a nuclear component -- mini-nukes -- were used to cut the World Trade Center towers from their foundation.

ONLY the use of mini nukes would account for fact that MOLTEN STEEL was observed by many people to be running under the foundations of the World Trade Center towers over THREE MONTHS after their collapse. But this highly radioactive contamination found over the World Trade Center site is never mentioned either.

o No mention is made of the series of seismic disturbances recorded by two seismographs 20 seconds prior to the actual visual collapse of both World Trade Center towers, but which may very well have been the signatures of the mini-nukes used to sever the towers from their foundations.

o No mention is made of the FLEET OF TRUCKS used to remove GOLD, SILVER and other precious metals stored in the basement of the World Trade Center, one of which did not make it out before the building collapsed. The scheduling of this fleet for the gold and silver removal strongly suggests prior knowledge of this event. NatGeo never thinks of mentioning it.

o Why was debris from the World Trade Center shipped to China under armed guard?  Why was this shipment scheduled more than a month in advance of the 9/11 attack?  Who scheduled it, and how did they know to schedule it???

o Why were police, firemen and other first responders allowed and encouraged to immediately begin rescue work and breathe unfiltered air while FEMA workers were completely enclosed in total plastic body suits complete with respirators? What did FEMA know about the hazards of that debris pile that they did not share with other rescuers?

o The fact that there were 5X as many ‘puts’ (short) options on the two airlines and other companies housed in the World Trade Center which would be obliterated during the coming catastrophe days before 9/11 is never mentioned, a fact which strongly illustrates foreknowledge of what was to come. But apparently NatGeo never found this anomaly to be of sufficient interest to inform the general public.

o The investigation into who collected the money from these ‘put’ options was started, stopped, and drooped. It turns out that one of the men who made a great deal of money from these “put” options was the ex #2 man at the CIA, Walter Krongard. But NatGeo never found this anomaly warranted telling the general public about it.


o World Trade Center building # 7 -- the 47 story steel-framed skyscraper that fell on 5:20 that day, was never struck by any aircraft. Yet two small fires supposedly collapsed the entire building in a perfectly symmetrical pattern. NatGeo never mentions that World Trade Center number 7 fell the same day due to these two small, low temperature fires.

o The fact that ALL ongoing SEC investigations against fraud and corruption were housed in building number 7 of the World Trade Center, and therefore all ongoing investigations against fraud and corruption concerning Wall Street banks and brokerage houses were TERMINATED by the collapse of building # 7, is never mentioned.

o Rudy Gulliani, in World Trade Center # 7 just before it collapsed, was warned to evacuate because the building was going to collapse, but he won’t say who told him to do so. NatGeo thought better than to confuse us by mentioning this.

o Eyewitnesses at World Trade Center # 1, 2 and 7 report hearing bombs go off, IN SEQUENCE, exactly like a controlled demolition. But they are never mentioned once during the program.

o World Trade Center owner Lucky Larry Silverstein, who normally had breakfast at the top of the World Trade Center every day, but for some reason did not on 9/11, is recorded on video tape saying that he gave the orders to “pull” (demolish) World Trade Center #7. This is never mentioned in the program.

o The BBC reported LIVE that World Trade Center # 7 had fallen 25 minutes before it actually fell, with the live outline of World Trade Center #7 stands in the background of the reporter describing how it had already collapsed. This ‘discrepancy’ is never mentioned on the program.

o Both NIST (National Institute of Science and Technology) and the 9/11 Commission refused to investigate the collapse of World Trade Center # 7 or include it in their report. Apparently, if the “reality” does not fit the ‘conspiracy theory’ of the OFFICIAL government story -- then it can be conveniently ignored by both The Government and NatGeo. But why didn’t NatGeo tell their audience about this discrepancy?

o Only 5% of Americans even know that World Trade Center #7 collapsed that day, because the Media has refused to discuss it, publicize it or investigate it. NatGeo continues the same cover-up tradition regarding “facts” that do not fit the “official” Government conspiracy theory.


o If flight 83 actually struck The Pentagon, and the nose of that same plane also exited through ALL THREE 18 inch internal WALLS of the Pentagon, then why is there a 16 foot hole in the outer wall (too small for the jet airplane that supposedly struck the Pentagon) thru 3 layers of limestone, brick, rebar and concrete -- and yet another identical 16 foot hole in the last wall of the Pentagon?

o Where is the depleted uranium nose cone of this aircraft that struck the Pentagon? Because only a guided missile, or a nose cone made of solid depleted uranium, could penetrate THREE 18 inch thick LAYERS OF LIMESTONE, BRICK, CONCRETE, AND REBAR -- not an aircraft! Tell us where is is, NatGeo!

o Why, with 85 video cameras surrounding the Pentagon, did the FBI make available only 4 still frames from only ONE of those cameras, while confiscating and sequestering the remaining video footage from the remaining 84 cameras?

o If an “airplane” really hit the Pentagon, what possible rationale or motivation could exist to hide all the continuous video footage that would show this event to have occurred exactly as The Government states that it happened?

Logically, there is only ONE possible conclusion to draw -- seeing the video footage from any of the other 84 video cameras would conclusively prove that a missile, not an aircraft, hit the Pentagon. There is no other possible explanation for hiding video from these other cameras and not making these videos available to the public.  But NatGeo never even mentions this peculiar suppression of evidence by the US Government and the Military.

o Ironically, even the 4 frames released by the FBI would show the tail of the plane as the nose slammed into the Pentagon building. But the photo does not, because the tail of the plane (72 feet high) does not exist.

It doe not exit because the “jet aircraft” that slammed into the Pentagon was actually a missile -- just like Dick Cheney accidentally admitted when questioned. But NatGeo never mentions “Dick” Cheney’s slip about “the missile” striking the Pentagon, or that even in the 4 frames released by the FBI, the 72 foot tall tail of the plane would have been visible had it actually been present. Why did they not mention this anomaly?

o The fact that 31 people who died at the precise impact point where the “plane” struck the Pentagon were Army investigators trying to determine where 3.5 trillion dollars disappeared to under the watchful eye of dual Israeli citizen, Dov Zakheim, head of Pentagon finances, is never mentioned.


o The 9/11 “official” Government explanation and book was based on the work of the 9/11 Commission, a commission which was only created under pressure of the victims’ families after Pres. George Bush blocked a Congressional inquiry into these events for 441 days.

The report that was finally released ignored 70% of the questions raised by the victims’ families and excluded every single fact that contradicted the official story. Why didn’t NatGeo mention THIS in their genuflection before the Federal Government's whitewash?

o Thomas Keene, Chairman of the 9/11 Commission Report, said the commission was “...set up to fail.” Sixty percent of the 9/11 commissioners said they were lied to and misled by the military and the Bush administration. Why did NatGeo not report that the head of the 9/11 Commission as well as its commissioners had publicly stated that they had been lied to and that evidence had been withheld from them?


o The 8 mile long debris trial, along with eyewitness accounts of a jet interception, and cockpit voice recorder data indicating that flight 93 was shot down by our military, directly contradict the “heroic” takeover of the aircraft. The “takeover” by the passengers NEVER HAPPENED. It was yet another manufactured event designed to promote and evoke public sympathy and outrage, a blatant attempt at the mental-emotional manipulation of the American Public. Yet NatGeo never mentions this 8 mile debris trail.


AMEC Construction Management, a subsidiary of the British engineering firm AMEC, renovated Wedge One of the Pentagon before 9-11 and cleaned it up afterward. AMEC had also renovated Lucky Larry Silverstein's World Trade Center 7, which collapsed mysteriously on 9-11, and then headed the cleanup of the World Trade Center site afterward. The AMEC construction firm is currently in the process of closing all its offices in the United States. Why was this “co-inidence’ never mentioned by you?


o Why were four 747 jets dispatched to whisk members of Osama Bin Laden’s family out of the United States immediately after 911 on the authorization of Michael Cherthoff, head of our so-called “Homeland Security” Department?

If Osama Bin Laden was really the mastermind behind this atrocity, would it not be possible that one or more of his family members just might know of relevant information? How could any of them be questioned if none of them were no longer in the U.S., courtesy of the U.S. Government? Why didn’t NatGeo mention dual Israeli citizen, and Head of the Homeland Security Department Michael Chertoff’s decision to whisk all of Bin Laden’s relatives out of the United States on 4 chartered jet aircraft?

o Why was the Bush family’s decades long business partnerships with the Bin Laden family never made a subject of your inquiry?

o Why was Osama Bin Laden’s CIA name (Tim Osmond) never mentioned as being a paid advisor and operative of the CIA?

o Why was the head of the ISI, Pakistani security, General Ahmad, meeting with officials in Washington DC on the morning of 9/11? Especially when it was later revealed that Mohammed Ata (one of the supposed 19 Arab hijackers) received $100,000 as a cash payment directly from this Pakistani general before 9/11? Why did you never mention this interesting anomaly?

o Why did the management of Odigo, the Israeli telephone company that supposedly received a warning about a ‘bomb’ at the World Trade Center and cleared out all of their employees based on ONE anonymous phone call, NEVER inform World Trade Center Security that they had received a bomb threat call? Why was this anomaly never mentioned by NatGeo?

o The five dancing Israelis "art students," who were standing on the roof of their panel van truck, which was painted with a picture of a jet plane slamming into the World Trade Center, and which tested positive for explosives by bomb sniffing dogs, is never mentioned.

o These 5 Israeli “art students” who were caught and arrested after giving “high fives” to each other as they video taped the collapse of both World Trade Center towers, were later interviewed on Israeli television mentioned, where they state, in their own words, that they were in New York City with video equipment “...TO DOCUMENT THE EVENT.” How did they know there was going to be an “event” to “document”? Just another question NatGeoTV will never examine, investigate or answer.

o Not ONE person ANYWHERE in the Federal Government or the United States Military, or in any civilian agency was reprimanded, demoted, dismissed, fired, tried, imprisoned or prosecuted or executed for the events of 9/11. The fact that NO ONE received any sort of disciplinary action but dozens of people were promoted speaks volumes towards only one conclusion -- MASSIVE COVERUP bought and paid for with complicit silence! But NatGeo never mention this interesting anomaly either.

o How did President Bush manage to see “film footage” of the first plane striking the World Trade Center that morning as he clearly stated to a reporter’s question, when there was none? Please tell us HOW, NatGeo? And WHY did you not mention this?

o The BBC reported that several (8) of the 9/11 hi jackers were reported alive after 9/11 in various parts of the Middle East. One father of one of the hijackers actually stated he talked to his son on the phone the next day. But this little bombshell was never reported stateside or investigated. Nor did NatGeo see fit to tell us about it either.

o None of the 9/11 hijackers had flown anything larger than a single engine piston plane. Yet we are to believe that 4 of them not only took control of large jet planes, and were able to fly them, but to NAVIGATE them as well! What are the odds that 4 of these novice pilots could do this successfully? Why didn’t you mention the nearly impossible odds that all 4 could fly and navigate huge passenger jets using instruments with which they were totally unfamiliar? 

o PNAC -- the think tank Project for a New American Century, a policy document written by Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle and Donald Feith a few years before 9/11, called for the necessity of a cataclysmic event, like a new “Pearl Harbor” to facilitate a massive invasion of Middle Eastern countries like Afghanistan and Iraq. On 9/11, President Bush wrote that “The Pearl Harbor of the 21st Century” had just taken place today. This PNAC document (or
blueprint) is never once mentioned in NatGeo's documentary.

o o o

The above list represents only the tip of the iceberg that NatGeoTV prefers to ignore. But anyone who is familiar with “pattern recognition” can see the pattern of coverup and subterfuge quite clearly.

NatGeoTV, for whatever reasons (naivety, stupidity, complicity) prefers to not only toe the GOVERNMENT fantasy conspiracy cover-up line, they have turned over new ground to further confuse, mislead, distort, obfuscate and render incomprehensible the trails of clear evidence that only a blind statist could pretend not to see.

NatGeoTV is now, for reasons only they are fully aware, a part and parcel of the 9/11 cover-up and government murder conspiracy to gut all of our Constitutional Rights and Liberties, and to promote yet more killing and murder for control of Middle Eastern oil, minerals and opium.

Why has NatGeoTV lied by obfuscation, misdirection, mislabeling and misleading the search for truth behind the criminal atrocity and mass murder of 9/11?

In a court of law, would not someone acting the same way in National Geographic's corporate capacity be rightly considered to be an accomplice to murder for such acts?

WHY.... NatGeo???  Why did you do this???



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