Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Conservative Talk Show Hosts Never Question 9/11

Cardboard Cutout “Conservatives” Occupying Our Airwaves
by L C Vincent

Quick!  Name one major conservative radio or television talk show host who questions the official “U.S. Government Conspiracy Theory” about the events of 9/11.  The theory that 19 Arab Hijackers, using box cutters, commandeered 4 passenger jets, slammed two of them into the twin towers of the World Trade Center, causing the collapse of THREE of those towers (let’s not forget building #7), and then crashed another jet into the Pentagon, while the passengers on the last plane overpowered the hijackers, causing it to crash into an empty field in Shanksville, PA.  Now quick... name one self-styled “conservative” radio talk show host who has ever expressed even so much as a shadow of doubt about this official government fairy-tale.  You can’t.

The irony is that while talk radio is dominated by supposedly conservative talk show hosts, and Fox News dominates the television ratings with its so-called conservative commentators, not one of them has ever so much as raised an eyebrow regarding the thousands of discrepancies between the government’s prefabricated excuses regarding 9/11 versus the mind-numbing black hole of lies which the “official government” version of 9/11 exposes, along with the bottomless pit of depravity skeptical questioning further reveals.

Try it for yourself.   Stop if you see one name here that has ever done anything other than provide you with a “salute the flag, click your heels, go kill Muslims and Al Qaeda” propositions to their listeners regarding 9/11:

o  Rush Limbaugh
o  Bill O’Reilly
o  Glenn Beck
o  Neil Boortz
o  Jerry Doyle
o  Michael Savage
o  Laura Ingraham
o  Laura Crowley
o  Mark Levine
o  Bob Grant
o  Lars Larson
o  G. Gordon Liddy
o  Phil Hendrie
o  Michael Medved
o  Don Imus
o  Tammy Bruce

In many respects I find this list rather remarkable.

Certainly, these people are not simply of average intelligence; if anything, they are substantially above average.  And certainly, these people’s interests are definitely socio-political; their commentary almost always centers around politics, society and current events.  Moreover, all of these people have “jobs” that, by their very definition, require them to be not simply  “current” about current events, but to discover the real truths that lurk behind the headlines.

So given all of the above, and given that these people dominate our radio and television airwaves while allegedly personifying THE “conservative” point of view, please... someone... name just ONE of them who has ever uttered one word of skepticism about the government fairy tale of 9/11 or any role that elements of The CIA  or The Mossad might have played in this mass murder on that fateful day.

It simply cannot be done.  It cannot be done because each and every single person on this list, the “cream” of conservative talk U.S. radio and television hosts, is really nothing more than a cardboard conservative cutout of a true Nationalist, masquerading as a national conservative commentator.  All of them hew to the official government line, explanations and excuses for 9/11; and all of them support the "official" government explanation with the same knee-jerk response for which the Left Wing in America often ridicules the Right Wing -- for saluting the flag and blindly marching off into another undeclared war.

But let’s be fair about this.  Even though conservative talk show hosts outnumber liberal talk show hosts, try to find one “liberal” talk show host that has either questioned the government’s’ version of 9/11 or any foreign government’s involvement in those events.

Who do we have here?

o  John Stewart
o  Keith Olbermann
o  Randi Rhodes
o  Stephanie Miller
o  Bill Maher
o  Thom Hartman

o  Ed Schultz

In other words, we look at the supposed complete “opposite” end of the political spectrum -- but we end up with the same results.  Click your heels, salute the flag, and “Support the Troops.”

Of course, the reality is that the “spectrum” of political opinion represented by these people hardly qualifies as coming from the “opposite” ends of the political spectrum; rather, these people are allowed on the air waves to provide political circus for those who cannot see beyond the limitations of their imagination or the leash of their paymaster.

Nevertheless, the big question remains:  why have these people, who make more money than the average American, who have more insight into politics than the average American, who have more time and more responsibility than the average American, who have more news sources and connections than the average American, produced such incredible uniformity of thought on this subject over the air waves? Not even one lone, dissenting voice that dares questions the government’s lies, errors, and omissions?

Why haven’t one of these commentators, whose very job description demands they do more research than simply regurgitating the headlines and stories found in the New York Times or Wall Street Journal, managed to at least have sufficient curiosity to actually read, examine and ponder some of the major, glaring discrepancies in the “official” 9/11 cover-up unearthed by investigators such as architect Richard Gage, Professor Steven Jones, or investigator David Ray Griffin?

What can the matter possibly be?  What unspoken blanket assumption has covered the eyes, hearts and minds of all of these people to search for the Truth past the glaring lies and deceit promulgated by government sycophants and and pathetic, knee-jerk “patriots”?

I can think of only one possibility, one which Paul Craig Roberts developed in a recent article about why propaganda trumps truth over and over again in our society.

It revolves around mindsets, and the fear of expressing an opinion that might rock consensus reality.  It is the fear that lies in the heart of every man or woman who has ever stood up, alone, in an audience of thousands, to proclaim the complete opposite viewpoint to a speaker on stage who has the full, visible backing of government and corporate society.

It is the fear of being different, of being ridiculed, of being out of the “mainstream” of thought.  It is laziness, it is cowardice, it is the worst-case conformity one could ever imagine.   For by refusal to at least deeply examine their assumptions, every single one of these “hosts” has abrogated their duty to their audience and to the people of the United States.

So many have already seen through the tissue of lies promoted by our Government-Media complex; yet they still wait for the “vision” of our social commentators on our public airwaves to catch up to the knowledge, discoveries, understanding and outrage of the American public who have done what they have not dared to do -- gone beyond the sound bites, the headlines, the puff opinion pieces, the simplistic patrio-narco bromides which infect the public consciousness and instead, have actually taken the time to read timelines, the testimony of eyewitness, the almost endless discrepancies in the official story, as well as the pronouncements of the heads of the major intelligence agencies of Italy, Russia and Japan.

Let me make it easy for these hosts:  9/11 was an inside job, done by a small faction of traitors in our government with the help of our CIA and The Mossad, perpetrated to end our liberties and provide them with an excuse to justify a U.S. invasion of the Middle East to control the oil.

It was murder; it was treason; it was an assault on all our liberties, and the dead still cry out for JUSTICE.  Our talk show hosts are not listening.

Our major talk show hosts across the permitted, truncated, “political spectrum” remain reliable running dog lackeys of the international globalist one-world government power establishment.  It is time at least one of them awoke to fulfill their responsibilities and perhaps, their destiny.

L. C. Vincent

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