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Transformers of the Spiritual Realm

The Illuminati Advantage

(further reflections upon the life, work, and passing of Philip John Jones)

Strange, sometimes, how the smallest, most insignificant things can be seen, in retrospect, to have had a profound affect on one’s life.  Even one sentence can sometimes transform a person’s life.    One sentence can permanently change a person’s perspective and outlook. I well remember how one sentence in an obscure television film from the 1980’s changed mine. The film was entitled “I, Desire.” It concerned a female vampire who preyed upon her unsuspecting victims while posing as an innocent looking assistant “candy striper” at a local hospital.

In this TV movie, the protagonist stumbles upon an apparently deranged, bedraggled man wandering the streets of a large city. The tale recounted by the deranged tramp seems utterly fantastic -- he has been the victim of a female vampire, whose “cover” as a volunteer at the local hospital allows her to gain access to a never ending succession of ‘blood donors’ for her unique proclivity.

As the protagonist listens, and then dismisses the mad tramp’s tale of obsession, the tramp utters a line that still rings true to this very day. To succinctly paraphrase his warning to the protagonist: “But don’t you see? THAT is her great power! Your rational mind’s refusal to consider such a thing possible, to even consider that such a creature like her can exist, gives her an incredible advantage over you, and everyone like you.”

The rational mind “knows” what it “perceives” through the five senses. Since our rational minds generally perceive only the information our five senses provide, they limit our perceptions of reality by what can be explained (rationalized) based on the perceptions of our five senses.

When people speak of the “spiritual realm,” they often visualize it as something “out there”, “apart” from their particular reality at any given space and time. But the truth is the complete opposite. The realm of the spirit constantly and completely interpenetrates the realm of our ordinary five sense reality; yet because it is normally something which we cannot perceive with our five senses, our rational mind and our intellect has convinced most of us that if any spiritual world does exist, it must exist somewhere else and apart from our “everyday” life.

The realm of the spirit, however, coexists at the same time and in all places as our ordinary 3 dimensional world. It is because of the tyranny of our rational mind, allied as it is with our ego (false self) that our ability to perceive evidence of the world of the spirit is prevented even more than it normally might be had we been simply been left to our own devices.

One other perceptual characteristic of the realm of the spirit bears noting. Simply, most people make the common mistake of assuming that if something is “spiritual” it must somehow be “good.” Again, this is an easy error of false logic; but worse, it is an extraordinarily dangerous error, for it can blind one to the reality that the realm of the spirit, which is a part of our normal, waking, 3D world, is neither “good” nor “evil,” no more so than the air that we breathe is “good” or “evil.” That “atmosphere” simply exists -- and both “good” and “evil” can easily exist -- and CoExist -- within it at any given space and time.

The members of the families of The Illuminati and their minions enjoy the certain knowledge that the spiritual realm not only exists and at all times interpenetrates our phenomenal world; they also know how, due to their lineage and heritage of family and blood that goes back multiple generations, as well as the storehouse of arcane knowledge which these families have been able to accumulate over the millennia, to manipulate elements of these spiritual dimensions to cause things to occur at a given place and time; or to make events follow a pattern that benefits their interests and desires.

On the more mundane level, they know how, through the manipulation of words, sounds and symbols, to affect change they wish to occur in people and the flow of events of the world in which we all live.

If Magick can be defined as “The Art and Science of causing change (in our world) to occur in conformity with Will”, then The Illuminati, who know with a certainty that the spiritual realm exists as a part of our “ordinary” sensorial reality, have also learned how to bend, shape and manipulate that reality and the people within it to affect change which will benefit them, [whether that change be a part of world events or the people who populate the world we share with them.]

They may do this through elaborate ritual, or they may do this by simply imposing their Will upon another through the strength of their thoughts. However, to amplify this process, it is often desirable, and sometimes even necessary, to acquire the actual physical excreta of a person they wish to influence and control. Therefore, stands of hair, one’s fingernail clippings or a jot of blood will provide the “physical-spiritual link” between the one they wish to influence, and the controller.

In the case of Philip John Jones, a truly gifted writer whose scope of inquiry ultimately proved troublesome and dangerous to the fulfillment of their goals, The Illuminati may very well have sent an agent or agents directly to Mr. Jones to gather the physical linkage they needed to cause their influence to be precisely directed to their intended target. For as surely as an insulated electrical wire will deliver it’s current to whatever is tethered at the other bare end, the direct physical link to the subject of their manipulation and attack will provide the most direct path for their influence.

I am sure Philip John Jones did not think his writings or research would prove troublesome to The Illuminati, but even a cursory reading of the range of his interests would be sufficient to illustrate that he was laboring under the false delusion of modesty.


Mr. Jones’ writings not only revealed a great deal of such matters which The Illuminati would prefer to keep hidden; his writings also directly showed their influence upon the world environment we all share during every single day of our existence.

While Philip often remarked on Danish culture’s seeming obsession with thinking that they had the best of everything, living in a land of socially enforced equality and apparent comfort (despite their high suicide rate!), he realized this artificial mental construct had been deliberately induced into Danish society and culture over decades to create this false “Happy Land” syndrome, a prototype for what he well may have correctly surmised to be the societal template for the rest of the world under a globalist agenda to be silently imposed upon the unsuspecting masses after the world’s financial collapse.

The famous comic strip hero, Mandrake the Magician, was able to render himself invisible because he had learned the secret power to “cloud men’s minds.” The Illuminati have also learned how to cloud men’s minds, specifically their judgment and will, by manipulating signs, sigils and symbols which are given power and direction by being attached to a physical manifestation (hair, nails, blood, etc.) of the person or object towards which they chose to direct their thought-form energy.

The use of the spiritual plane to affect change in the people and events in one’s life, both present and future, through the symbolic manipulation of the quantum field, the “ether”, provided these minions of The Illuminati with immediate access and insight into Philip’s household and heart.

Philip John Jones had come to be a thorn in their side, and it appears, through an agent or agents of their choosing, that they decided to act where he was most vulnerable, as they will always strike at a person’s most psychologically vulnerable area. In the case of John Philip Jones, it was a part of his giving spirit to help others and right wrongs; or as he so succinctly put it, he was prone to “The Knight in Shining Armor” syndrome.

So -- add a “damsel in distress” and viola! -- the opportunity to gain access to his personal space, and to gain access to his personal castoffs (hair, nails, etc. found in his bathroom) in order to directly manipulate his health was made manifest. And more than likely, to ensure the probability of their success, a mixture of home made “vitamins” compounded by his Inamorata of the moment were added to seal his fate.

Because most of us rarely think, as we sleepwalk thru our daily lives, how the spiritual world ALWAYS interpenetrates our own, we rarely give thought as to what may be happening in the World of Manifestation, the Spiritual world where what is to become real begins to form and take shape before it actually appears in our Phenomenal World of physical reality.

We think of time as linear, we think of people and events as isolated, and yet quantum theory has proven that all things, all people, all events, are interconnected. This perpetual interconnection of all people and events, in the continuum of time, and this perceptual knowledge, provide The Illuminati with the certainty that future events can be manipulated to occur in conformity with their will by actions they take in the present through the spiritual realm by the manipulation of signs, symbols, words, music, ritual and spells in this one. This is Magick.

In the case of the probably deliberate departure of Philip John Jones, we find all the indicators which point to their (The Illuminati’s) use of the realm of the spirit to attack their adversary.

We see the damsel making contact with Mr. Jones by sending admiring e-mails, then quickly switching her siren song to that of a lady in distress held captive in a marriage by someone she can no longer tolerate.

Beckoning to her "Knight in Shining Armor", Philip opens his doors to her, and she immediately gains entry to the privacy of his home and his bathroom, where she spends an inordinate amount of time.  As the relationship progresses, she concocts a secret mixture of “vitamins” which she administers to him on a daily basis, the ingredients of which she never reveals to Philip; tellingly, she also takes all remnants of these compounds with her when she ultimately departs his life.

The end result: the sudden death of a man barely in his prime, a man with a searching intellect and restless curiosity, cut down before that mind could do further damage to the short and long range goals of The Illuminati families who rule this planet

Which brings us back to the beginning. When Philip laid bare the details of what he had been thru with this couple and this woman, and revealed all the peculiar twists and turns of their relationship which totally defied logic, it was only then -- with the perspective of time and the pointed observations of various friends -- that he could clearly see that he had been the focus of an Illuminati plot, the more graphic details of which have been withheld in deference to Philip’s surviving family.

Yet even that which has been made public point quite unambiguously to this sort of mental and psychic manipulation; all designed, in one way or another, to isolate Philip from the psychological support of his True Love, his friends, his family, the familiar surroundings of his own home, even his beloved dogs.

This operation was easy to perceive in hindsight, and with hindsight, all became obvious to Philip. The problem, of course, is that as it is actually happening to one’s self, the rational mind constantly objects that what is happening simply CANNOT REALLY be happening because the rational mind has no valid frame of reference, and so dismisses everything “peculiar” as “coincidence.” Except, in reality, there are no coincidences.

In the spiritual realm, the realm where “good” and “evil” coexist as readily as they do in the typically mundane sphere of our five senses, those with Wisdom of such things know that nothing happens by accident, nothing happens by chance, and that there is a design and purpose to everything, whether or not our intellect can perceive it; that all things are interconnected, in both space and time, from the past thru the present to the future.

And it is that future, the pliable, plastic World of Becoming, the world of manifestation hardening into the reality of direct sensory experience, which can be changed and bent and shaped by those adroit at using the living symbols of these arcane arts to tamper with the destinies of a man, men, and mankind, as they see fit.

None of The Illuminati’s manipulations enjoy a foregone conclusion of success; they only become successful because they brook no strong, knowledgeable resistance in our world to their operations on the planes of manifestation which interlock with our planes of physical reality.

It is not simply the ignorance of the Laws of the World of the Spirit -- which have nothing to do with “good” or “evil” since both reside in the spiritual realm as easily as they do in our sensorial world -- which preclude us from challenging The Illuminati at their own game; it is the fact that our feeble, rational mind (which bears as much relationship to full spectrum reality as our egos bear to the power and capacity of our total mind), cannot bear to admit that it does not have all the answers, or all the knowledge of all things in Heaven and Earth.

In the final analysis, it would seem that The Illuminati have scored a victory in the silencing of yet another Messenger of Truth.

Perhaps so. But just as Philip John Jones’ will continue to live thru his writings, the cautionary tale of the end of Philip’s life will also serve as a warning to any of us who may one day venture a bit too close to The Truth for their comfort.

It is from this arrogance of rational ego that The Illuminati will continue to be able to manipulate those who refuse to grasp and admit that The Illuminati's knowledge and use of the Laws of the Realm of the Spirit continue to provide them with an unassailable advantage --- until we, too, fine tune our spiritual perceptions and learn to fight back and reverse the forces they have unleashed upon us to cause them the same havoc they wish to inflict upon our world.

Until that time when we learn to become spiritual warriors for Truth, and learn the operational Laws of the Spiritual World; until we admit that the Spiritual World is an eternal part of our “normal” waking reality, we will continue to be blinded to the powers and abilities The Illuminati wield against an ignorant populace, separated from our heritage of Spiritual Divinity and Power.

And like the prey of the vampire in the film, “I, Desire” our “rational” refusal to admit the possibility of not just their existence, but also their knowledge and power of the Spiritual realm, will continue to thwart both our defense against their evil machinations, as well as prevent the counterattack of our Justice.

L C Vincent

Copyright 2010, L C Vincent, all rights reserved.  No portion of this material may be reproduced in any media, in whole or in part, without the expressed written permission of the author.

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