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Warfare in the Realm of the Spirit and the Flesh

Philip John Jones -- Warrior for the Truth -- the Attack of the Illuminati

(On November 23, 2009, Philip John Jones
-- prolific writer, observer and commentator upon our global dilemma -- departed this lifeline. The following was written upon his passage concerning the unusual circumstances of his death, and is based upon our personal correspondence and the thoughts he shared with me before he left our world.)

Even as he was living thru an increasingly bizarre scenario regarding his personal life, from October 2008 to February of 2009, Philip John Jones dismissed, as most of us would have, the possibility that he could be under a coordinated Illuminati attack. It was only in retrospect, with the hindsight provided by space and time, that my long distance friend and correspondent confided to me as well as to his closest friends that the relationship from which he had just extracted himself with the couple known as The Jensens did, indeed, fit that description.

The problem is that very few of us, living in the phenomenal world of our five senses, the rational linear world we have come to “know” and with which we are intimately familiar, could stop our illusion even for a minute, and at least consider and acknowledge the possibility of other dimensions and planes of existence. Yet it is in this very denial, our ‘rational’ refusal to come to terms with the inter-penetration of the spiritual realm into every waking moment of our daily lives, which provides The Illuminati with their one great advantage over our physical world. 
 Unlike the mass of humanity, The Illuminati are quite conversant with the Realm of the Spirit and its operational laws, while our rational mind predictably refuses to even admit the possibility of that which it cannot ‘logically’ comprehend.
In the untimely death of Philip John Jones, we find a man whose writings attracted the apparent interest of a female admirer who espoused thoughts parallel to those Philip had amplified in his writings. Curiously, she and her husband are granted almost immediate entre’ to the home of Mr. Jones; and even more curious, a liaison between the woman and Philip, under the apparent watchful indifference of her husband, ensues within a week of that meeting. Further, in the months to follow, Philip accepts the administration of hand-concocted “vitamins” on a daily basis from someone he hardly knows, yet whose husband is involved with NATO, the military, the Masons, the Danish secret service, as well as various members of “royalty.”
What accounts for Philip’s suspension of disbelief on the part of someone who should have known -- as his friends had immediately suspected -- that this curious scenario was actually an Illuminati operation?  The answer lies in the Realm of the Spirit, which exists on at least four levels, ending in the realm of manifestation, our concrete reality.
The family and blood lines of The Illuminati are centuries, if not millennia, old. Their knowledge may go back even farther. This ‘knowledge’ consists of the ‘occult’ -- the hidden science of the manipulation of the planes of the Sprit which interpenetrate all of creation. By studying the laws of the spiritual planes, practitioners eventually learn how to produce a causative effect upon our concrete, “everyday” reality, the Plane of Manifestation, through the manipulation of signs, sigils and symbols, all of which, according to Philip’s communications, Mrs. Jensen knew intimately.
We are deluded as children into thinking of time as a clock, wristwatch or calendar; time is a never-ending, flowing river, connecting the past, with the present, with the future. All things are connected in time, and all things in our Universe are connected through the mechanism of quantum mechanics -- the so-called “quantum field.”
This field, known in arcane circles as “The Ether”, connects and interpenetrates all matter, all creation, and all things and events which are coming -- that is all things ‘be’-coming -- into manifestation. Like the weaver can foresee the finished pattern of their work by guiding and directing the warp and woof of their shuttlecock through the threads of fabric, the practitioner of astral manipulation can affect the outcome of future events as they begin to manifest their thoughts into our present world-reality through the manipulation of signs, sigils and symbols, all of which, in the astral plane, are living things.
Philip Jones even provided a hint of the Mrs. Jensen’s knowledge of quantum mechanics in his correspondence by saying that Mrs. Jensen’s husband gave her a copy of the film, “What the (bleep) Do We Know” -- a film whose entire premise revolves around the axis of quantum fields, quantum mechanics, and how all things are interconnected through space and time in our Uni-Verse.  Apparently, that film “triggered” something in Mrs. Jensen which returned her immediately back under the control of her husband, for, as Philip reported, her attitude towards him changed from black to white immediately after she viewed it.
This brief but significant episode which occurred so close to the end of Philip’s life beggars the question of how these people gained such immediate access to him and his home.
A simple photograph of a person, for example, can provide those who know how to access the astral plane with psychic information regarding all of that person’s strengths and weaknesses, their vices and virtues. Since Philip would often send photos of himself to correspondents, it was not unusual that he may have sent a photo of himself to Mrs. Jensen. Such a photo would provide a roadmap of his conscious mind, a blueprint for psychic as well as psychological manipulation to one who knew how to access such information on the astral plane. For as Philip himself said of her, “ she seemed to know all my weaknesses....” and used them against him, including how to use his sensitivity regarding the feelings of loss and abandonment he harbored since he had been raised as an orphan.

More highly suspicious, of course, was the unusual amount of time Mrs. Jensen spent in Philip’s bathroom, where she may have gathered samples of Philip’s hair. Why? To provide a direct physical-psychic link to Philip and his conscious mind. For within an amazingly brief period of time, Philip and Mrs. Jensen began a liaison, and from that point, the administration of custom-crafted “vitamins” as well as the systematic, almost surgical removal of all of Philip’s loving support systems -- his wife, all his friends, even his dogs, and finally his fortune -- were either accomplished or threatened.

Apparently, this was done for one reason -- to completely isolate Philip from any kind of support, whether that support be love, friendship or finance -- to marginalize him and more easily prevent him from inflicting further damage on The Illuminati’s plans for controlling Danish society, for Denmark appeared to be acting, as Philip often hypothecated, as the model template for the rest of our future world society.

Due to innate and unjustified modesty, Philip did not think what he had written to be a threat to The Illuminati and their plans; yet even a cursory reading of Philip’s written output reveals a penetrating insight into their machinations, their ways and means of creating the “hive” mentality wherein the social control of a society’s needs and desires could be honed and crafted as The Illuminati controllers desired. There is no person easier to control than a happy slave who thinks they are “free”, at peace with the illusion of their own freedom and contentment.
While Philip often remarked on Danish culture’s seeming obsession with thinking that they had the best of everything, living in a land of socially enforced equality and apparent comfort (despite their high suicide rate!), he realized this artificial mental construct had been deliberately induced into Danish society and culture over decades to create this false “Happy Land” syndrome.
The famous comic strip hero, Mandrake the Magician, was able to render himself invisible because he had learned the secret power to “cloud men’s minds.” The Illuminati have also learned how to cloud men’s minds, specifically their judgment and will, by manipulating signs, sigils and symbols which are given power and direction by being attached to a physical manifestation (hair, nails, blood, etc.) of the person or object towards which they choose to direct their thought-form energy.   The use of the spiritual plane to affect change in the people and events in one’s life, both present and future, through the symbolic manipulation of the quantum field, the “ether”, provided these minions of The Illuminati with immediate access and insight into Philip’s household and heart.
Solidifying their psychic bond by the possible acquisition of direct DNA linkage via a hair sample, and amplifying the power of this puppet string thru the daily administration of concocted “vitamins,” then casting him aside when all the necessary damage had been done, it would seem that The Illuminati have scored a victory in the silencing of yet another Messenger of Truth.
Perhaps so. But just as Philip John Jones’ will continue to live thru his writings, the cautionary tale of the end of Philip’s life will also serve as a warning to any of us who may one day venture a bit too close to The Truth for their comfort.
If that day should occur, and you find yourself making decisions “for all the right reasons” against your own better judgment; making decisions that negatively impact all those around you whom you hold near and dear; making decisions that would ordinarily seem inexplicable and even detrimental to your own well-being, and the locus of these strange thoughts seem to be the sudden appearance in your life of an unusually charming man, woman, or couple -- then be forewarned and beware: you may have crossed The Illuminati, and they may be about to cross you!
Your defense? Step back from the Abyss, and examine your immediate past decisions with the cold, clinical, objective vision of one who is deciding your fate, for in reality, you may be determining your future life -- or your lack of any future whatsoever.

L C Vincent

Copyright 2010, L C Vincent, all rights reserved.  No portion of this material may be reproduced in any media, in whole or in part, without the expressed written permission of the author.

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