Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The "Fast and Furious" Spin of The Obama Administration

Operation “Fast and Furious” -- the supposed transfer of murderous semi-automatic assault weapons allowed to “walk” over the U.S./Mexico border, has the potential for the impeachment of our alleged President Obama as well as the execution and incarceration of others; the incompetent stooge Attorney General Eric Holder being a primary candidate. 

The principle fairy tale of this story grants these traitorous incompetents with plausible deniability by giving them the benefit of the doubt -- that this was a weapons tracking operation gone awry -- which is far too lenient an analysis.  The true purpose of this operation from the very beginning was to subvert and the 2nd Amendment by having the usual cheer leaders of civilian disarmament (Senators Schumer, Boxer, Lieberman, Feinstein) lead the charge as the weapons imported from the U.S. did their lethal work.

It is instructive to note that when this scandal first broke, the immediate media spin from Washington was that this was an operation that had gone terribly astray which had been initiated by low level agents and operatives without the knowledge of their superiors back in DC.  For anyone who knows how Washington and our occupying government actually work, such an explanation was laughable on its face.

President Obama probably cooked this operation up in private with President Calderon, and then instructed Eric Holder to instruct Mr. Melson, Director of the ATF, to be sure that a  large supply of semi-automatic weaponry  made its way across our borders to the Mexican drug cartels.  The idea behind this charade was to react in horror and feigned outrage when these weapons were discovered to be the murderous tools of the drug cartel henchmen who were killing Mexican nationals.  The plan would then be to have Mr. Obama react with that patented look of righteous indignation and pained (and feigned) sensitivity for the innocent lives lost solely due to the "fact" that our antiquated 2nd Amendment allowed capitalistic firearms dealers located in our border states to indiscriminately sell these murderous "assault" rifles to straw purchasers of the drug cartels, who then smuggled them over the U.S./Mexican border to commit their foul deeds.

What makes this laughably transparent is the following:  a.  the straw purchasers of these weapons were already prohibited purchasers based on the NICS identification system; when Arizona, Texas and other firearms dealers called the ATF in Washington to report these attempted straw purchases by felons, they were told by their top brass to let these purchases go thru, thereby violating Federal Law; b.  there was never any "mechanism" by which to trace these firearms after they left the American firearms dealers.  If the purpose behind this "operation" had actually been to trace where these weapons went, then there would have been an actual "mechanism" (such as imbedded electronic chips or RFID tags) to track these weapons via satellite;  however, this was never done!  Once these firearms were illegally purchased by their illegal straw purchasers, there was simply no way to "track" them anywhere. 

The reason that there was no "mechanism" to track these firearms is simple -- THERE WAS NEVER ANY PLAN BY OUR GOVERNMENT OR THE ATF TO TRACK THESE FIREARMS!  The actual plan was simply to find a way to get as many of these weapons over the Mexican border so that their use by the murderous drug cartels would enable both the Mexican and American governments to demand draconian restrictions on the sale of ALL semi-automatic weapons, including handguns, throughout the United States as a way of dealing with this serious "international" problem.

What further illustrates the blatant stupidity of the poseurs currently in power in Washington is their asinine assumption that all the murders these weapons would cause would somehow be magically restricted to the Southern (Mexican) side of our border!  When agent Brian Terry was murdered by one of these weapons on the American side of the U.S./Mexican border, the Washington "spin" --  that this "well-meaning" operation to "track" these firearms into the hands of the Mexican drug cartels to see "where they went" had somehow gone horribly awry -- was a total fabrication and cover-up of the actual intent and covert goal of this operation.

Adding further weight to this scenario is that neither the ATF nor any branch of our government had the foresight, courtesy or intelligence to inform any branch of the Mexican government, including their police, military or drug enforcement agency about this "operation."  As a result, the Mexican government, in open public debate, has correctly labeled this "operation" by the U.S. Government as an ACT OF WAR against the Nation of Mexico!  But somehow, this decree has never quite made it into the lamestream news reports, news papers or television broadcasts of our occupied nation.

There was only one goal here -- to push for the elimination of all semi-automatic "assault weapons" currently sold throughout the United States -- a type of firearm which has been available to the American public since the turn of the last century! As incredible as it may be, Mr. Obama and his lackeys cared nothing about the deaths (currently over 200 Mexican nationals) which can be directly attributed to these firearms allowed to "walk" over the border.  All they cared about -- as all ideologues do -- is the implementation of their "agenda," and the real cost in human lives and suffering be damned!

Of course, we have never touched upon the other anomalies about this story.  For one, it is always reported that some "2000 +" firearms were allowed to "walk" across the border.  The actual figure (see www.goa.com) is much closer to FIVE thousand!  And also often not reported is that some of these "assault" rifles included .50 caliber BMG semi-automatic rifles -- the kind that this administration has decreed can "...bring down airplanes, jets and helicopters....".  But apparently putting them into the hands of murderous criminals and directly violating Federal, National and International laws was never any sort of consideration for our "leaders" in Washington.

Moreover, this story does not include the direct selling of firearms by the ATF to black street gangs in Indiana; nor does it include the direct selling of "assault" weapons and firearms by the ATF to Honduran drug gangs, two other suppressed stories that have yet to see the light of day. 

The upshot of all this is that in the wet dreams of firearms prohibitionists, the gullible U.S. public is supposed to rise up in anger and demand the suspension and outlaw the sale of such "weapons of war" (all semi-automatic firearms) to the American general public in order to prevent these deathly tragedies from occurring ever again.  This laughable scenario is made even more humorous when one studies the map of Mexico.  Here we see a nation with over a thousand miles of coast line, much of it unprotected, where semi-automatic weaponry from anywhere in the world could be imported via sea or air by the billionaire leaders of any of the drug cartels whenever they wished!   The idea that the drug cartels could only find and purchase their required semi-automatic "assault" rifles over the U.S./Mexican border from U.S. firearms dealers perfectly illustrates the level of imbecility rampant at the upper levels of the Obama administration.

The "Big Zero" at the head of our government in Washington didn't quite "slam/dunk" this one thru the hoop -- no more than he has been able to "kick start" the American economy by "focusing like a laser beam" on job creation.  Apparently when your real goal is to eliminate the middle class of a nation, while also attempting to disarm it at the same time, the disassociation between what one says versus what one does eventually becomes glaringly apparent.

The irony is that the 2nd Amendment may ultimately prove to be the Obama administration's ultimate undoing.   A more poetic scenario could not have been envisioned by our Founding Fathers  -- Samuel Adams, James Madison and Thomas Jefferson,  all of them advocates of the people's right to keep and bear arms.

L C Vincent

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