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Hitler Survived!

The survival of Adolf Hitler after his alleged suicide, along with his wife Eva Braun, has been a subject newspapers, tabloids, reports, sightings and books since the close of World War II.  Adding fuel to the fire of speculation, the supposed Hitler skull which was acquired from the burnt corpse outside the Fuhrer bunker in Berlin, and which the Russians have been carrying around for decades, was finally forensically identified as that of a 26 year old woman only a few months ago.

The story of Hitler's survival after WWII has attained the status of myth, and well it should, considering the momentous weight which his survival into modern times conveys to those who have any sense of history with even a rudimentary grasp of what Germany under the National Socialists actually fought for and represented.  For those who continue to labor under the simplistic duality of good versus evil painted by the propagandists writing history books for the supposed "winning" side of WWII, let me put it as simply as possible -- you have been been engulfed in a massive lie spoon fed to you since you childhood just as I have been.  That we all have been propagandized and successfully deceived since grade school is a given; yet if you have maintained that same level of ignorance as an adult and still see the world and the Second World War from that same two dimensional perspective, you are truly naive.

The most recent book released on this subject (“El Exilio de Hitler” -- in Spanish) by Abel Basti has caused a storm of controversy because it tells the tale of Hitler's survival in Argentina into the early 1960's, complete with interviews of people who met, know and socialized with Herr Hitler and his wife.   Moreover,  I can attest that based on my own research into this matter for the past 20+ years, the story is true.

Hitler had no desire to survive or remain alive after WWII.  The desire to end his own life was based on his revulsion at the thought of being paraded at some mock military tribunal and publicly executed after the war.  Hitler wasn't afraid of death, but the thought of public mockery in a sham court conducted by the so-called victors of WWII (a prediction which was perfectly fulfilled by the travesty of 'justice' meted out to the vanquished at Nuremberg by the "Allies") predicated the necessity of him taking his own life.

However, there were those among Hitler's high command who had very different ideas for the survival of National Socialism and Adolf Hitler; primary among them, one Martin Bormann, Hitler's personal secretary.  In the fevered, fetid air of the Fuhrer Bunker in Berlin, Martin Bormann gave the orders that both Hitler and Eva Braun were to be drugged, and then immediately placed in a motorcade to be raced out of Berlin on the one road that remained passable.  The witness to this event was a Spanish National Socialist by the name of Don Angel Alcazar de Velasco, and the details of Hitler's escape can be read in the book "Escape from the Bunker" by Harry Cooper, President of Sharkhunters International, the world's premier submarine research society, an organization with over 6000 members in 72 countries whose primary mission is documenting the activities of every nation’s submarine service in World Wars I and II.

As Josef Stalin said at the Potsdam Conference:  "Hitler is not dead.  He either escaped to Spain or Argentina."  As it turns out, Stalin was right on both counts.  Hitler escaped to Spain, where he was then taken by U-boat to Argentina to live out his life until the 1960's.  As a corollary to this story, Hitler remained on the FBI's most wanted list until the 1960's -- apparently no one had told the FBI that he had killed himself in Berlin either.

The question, of course, remains as to why Martin Bormann would go directly against Hitler's wish and dare to drug him and prevent his suicide and as well as the suicide of Eva Braun.  The reason why Bormann dared to do this is revelatory, yet fits in very well with what became of the National Socialist movement after the end of WWII.  To put this into perspective it is necessary to go back to 1943, as the war was beginning to turn against Germany.

Admiral Doenitz, head of Germany's submarine arm of the German Navy, had told a class of graduates not to ever worry about the safety of The Fuhrer -- because The German Navy had built " impregnable fortress..." for Hitler near Antarctica.   The fortress they built was actually in Southern Argentina, across a very well guarded lake (altho nearly 250,000 Nazis actually populated a secret base in Neu Schwabenland at the end of WWII, but that is entirely another matter...).

During the war, Hitler had a constant nagging suspicion, especially during the Russian campaign, that there was a spy among his very closest advisors and generals.   Many times the Russians had anticipated German movements and attacks, and had prevented German advances and victories.  Hitler correctly theorized that the only way such constant anticipation of German tactics could have been repeated and correctly predicted by the Russians was that his High Command hosted a very well hidden spy.  Unfortunately for Hitler and The Third Reich, Hitler never managed to discover that one spy which ultimately cost Germany the loss of World War II.  That spy was one Martin Bormann -- who the Russians referred to under the code name of  "Werther."

Bormann knew that Germany (due to his duplicity, as well as that of Admiral Wilhelm Canaris, head of Germany's military intelligence and also a spy for the Allies!) would lose WWII, but that was immaterial to Bormann.  For he had laid plans for looted German gold and treasure and industry AFTER World War II.   Bormann began actively recruiting and creating businesses and industrial concerns as he prepared German industrialists for their survival after the war (Operation Odessa was a part of this plan) but -- and this is the critically important point -- Bormann's "vision" of National Socialism had nothing to do with the betterment of the German people, or of any one segment of any nation or country -- he simply used the skeleton of National Socialism as a financial funnel which he intended to use for one reason alone: to enrich himself and others he favored, while dancing upon the corpse of the national ambitions and true social reforms which Adolf Hitler had envisioned.

This is why Bormann dared have Hitler drugged along with Eva Braun and kidnapped from Berlin, to then travel to Spain and Argentina.  Bormann needed Hitler to remain as the figurehead of National Socialism in exile, to act as a cohesive force for the approximately 750 business interests which he had corralled and guided thru the horrors of the Allied victory and the Russian rape of Germany.  After the war, Bormann used Hitler as this figurehead, but the sad reality is that it was Bormann, not Hitler, who made all the final decisions by determining which ones he placed before his Fuhrer upon his desk in Argentina.

As incredible as this story may be to those of you who have never questioned your government's fairy tale about Hitler's death (which is on par and on the same level of truth as the U.S. Government's fairy tale about 19 Arabs hijacking 4 airliners and flying them into the Pentagon and The World Trade Center on 9/11), there is one monumental questions which no one, including the author of the book in question, has even broached.  The question is this:  if the Allies knew that Hitler had escaped (and if you read behind the history books and do the research, it is quite obvious that the security branches of both the American and British governments knew that Hitler had survived, and where he was living), then why did they not go and hunt Hitler down?  Was it simply that they did not want to be embarrassed and admit that Hitler had slipped from their grasp in Berlin?

Perhaps that was one consideration -- but here is the rest of the story.  I hope you are sitting down, as it will permanently rock your view of the world history you thought you knew.  The reason the "Allies" (that is England and America -- these two kept Russia in the dark) never went after Herr Hitler is because a deal was struck, probably thru Martin Bormann and Wilhelm Canaris, to give the Allies something they desperately had tried, but failed to achieve:  to build the atomic bomb.

Of course, what I am about to reveal goes completely against all the "truths" you are certain you "know"  because your government has taught them to you (propagandized them to you as 'truths') since childhood, a process which most of the Western World has endured for decades without suspecting anything to the contrary.   However, the true story of America's "creation" of the atomic bomb is not quite the clear path that has been painted in American history books.

The Manhattan Project was the code name for the development of the atomic bomb.  The finest scientific minds of the Allied nations of that era, including the great 'genius' Albert Einstein, were pressed into service for the discovery and creation of building a nuclear device which could be used as an explosive weapon against "The Axis Enemy."   While The Manhattan Project utilized the knowledge of thousands of scientists and hundreds of millions of dollars for research into this quest, we are told, at the same time, that Germany's efforts in this direction were supposedly done in the small basement of a church building utilizing a staff of less than a dozen people because there was skepticism, reputedly emanating from

the German High Command, that such a device could even be built.

This story of Germany's relatively low interest in the probability of success in building a nuclear weapon is pure, total, utter rubbish.  The discovery and construction of an atomic bomb was the 2nd most critically important quest for Nazi Germany -- (number one being a subject for another time and place).  The quest for the atomic bomb was well funded and well supplied with both money, equipment and personnel.  And Nazi Germany's efforts were not in vain, for altho the Allies could properly take credit for creating the first controlled nuclear reaction in a laboratory, the Germans can properly take credit for the explosion of the first atomic bomb in March of 1945, months before a similar explosion first occurred above the desert sands of New Mexico in the United States.

The problem, strange as it may seem to contemplate thru the fog of decades of lies and Allied propaganda, is that the Americans, including Einstein, never figured out how to build the trigger mechanism in order to construct a workable atomic bomb.  Without the trigger mechanism to start the uncontrolled nuclear chain reaction which would result in a nuclear explosion, a nuclear bomb could not be built.  Fortunately (for the Americans, and unfortunately for the Japanese) a German scientist (for his name and details of this story, please see The Barnes Review's back issues) had not only worked out the equations for this trigger device; he had also built an actual working model which the Nazis used when they tested and exploded their first successful atomic bomb.

The discovery of this "wonder weapon" did not produce quite the response one would have expected from those blood-thirsty Nazi savages we have been so propagandized to hate.  When the aces of Germany's Luftawaffe learned of this weapon, they were repulsed by its hideous destructive capabilities, and actually mutinied.  Even Hitler was extremely reluctant to utilize an atomic bomb in a combat situation, with concerns about indiscriminate slaughter and long-term nuclear contamination weighing heavily upon his mind.

Nevertheless, the incredible irony is that it was Germany's nuclear bombs which ultimately allowed Hitler to remain "undiscovered" for nearly two decades after World War II.   The German High Command made an "arrangement" with America at the end of WWII -- the Germans supplied the Americans with their hidden atomic bombs and trigger mechanisms, and the Americans agreed not to go after Adolf Hitler and friends in Argentina.  This is why one of the most respected nuclear physicists involved in the Manhattan Project,  Dr. Robert Oppenheimer, stated in straight, factual language rather than the metaphorical hyperbole with which his remark was first greeted, that "...America's nuclear weapons were made in Germany."

It so happened that they actually had been made in Germany -- by German scientists!    The grand irony is that the two nuclear bombs which the U.S. dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki (as warnings to Russia, which did not declare "war" on Japan until a week before Japan surrendered to The Allies) were from Germany's arsenal of nuclear weapons.

Now you know the secret -- and the reason -- why America and England never went after Herr Hitler and his SS associates in Argentina.

Pleasant dreams.....

L C Vincent

Copyright 2011, L C Vincent, all rights reserved.  No portion of this material may be reproduced in any media, in whole or in part, without the expressed written permission of the author.

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