Saturday, October 9, 2010

My View of the Coronation

(*note: the following was written the day after B.O. was anointed as President. Thought lost or erased, its recent discovery in my hard drive provoked mirth and wry amusement. It is reproduced for your pleasure, or at least the pleasure of those with similar sympathies).
Barack Ascends to the Throne of America

I watched the coronation yesterday and noted that the "cult of personality" is now in full swing and growing in this country.   Blind adulation may not necessarily lead to a dictatorship, but I fear such uncritical clamor can be used for purposes that will end up bordering on the dictatorial.

What difference does it make at the end of the day if the person making these unilateral decisions was "popularly" elected, if his fiats are accepted and acted upon as law? That is not the form of government I was born and raised to think exists in Washington DC, but more and more, thru increased media "glamification", it becomes increasingly difficult for the average person to perceive anything other than a "larger than life" demi-god-like figure named Obama to whom people will turn to for inspiration and answers -- but based on what achievements, accomplishments, and life experience?

I suppose the precursor of this Presidential Coronation was the Obaminator's acceptance of the presidential nomination at the Democrat National Committee, where he walked thru the Greek columns (what, no laurel victory wreath? How could He forget??) to the stage past a throng of cheering acolytes. The only thing missing from yesterday's Presidential Coronation was to have Barack walk in long, white flowing robes and bare feet on top of the water of The Washington Monument's reflecting pool, and then levitate to the top of the stage to be transfigured before us on live TV beamed by satellites around the world. Yes, that would be a fitting "cap" to the narcissism Obama seems to possess in spades, and it would have also substantiated the idolatry swimming in the eyes of his sycophantic admirers.

* * * * *

 I love my country; I detest our politicians. They no longer represent the people or the citizens of this country, but only the most powerful lobbies and special interests, especially the financial interests.

We witness corporate America having to crawl on bended knee to ask for subsidies (companies that have defined American enterprise and have employed tens of thousands of people directly and indirectly for nearly a century); we see them subject to humiliation and extreme public scrutiny of their finances that have been eroded by "free trade" (not Fair Trade!) policies instituted by Washington politicians and lobbyists. These companies are the backbone of our economy; they actually make useful products rather than create "mortgage backed securities" and derivatives built upon nothing more than speculation and gambling packaged as Grade A paper. And yet all the financial sector has to do is cry crocodile tears and hold out their hands and they receive all the cash they require and then some, with no public scrutiny, no cries of conflict of interest, no oversight, no paper trail, no accusations of theft and fraud, no accountability, no responsibility, no 'quid pro quo', no nothing, know nothing! They can have ALL the money they want, right now, right from our pockets and the pockets of our children, their children, and their children, down to the next ten generations, with no questions asked or expected.

Yet when politicians are beholden for financial contributions to get elected in order to continue to bolster their egos which constantly need TV exposure, rather than enjoy the earned gratification and the heartfelt satisfaction of running a sound fiscal ship based on constitutional principles and sound money as defined by our Constitution, we end up with the ‘wanna be’ movie stars masquerading as politicians that we see in DC today.

Politically, I've voted Democrat, Republican and Independent. I vote for the person and never the party. But voting, democracy, and the so-called principle of "one man, one vote" was actually established to enshrine the sham of fair elections and provide rubes with the pretense that they actually have some control on the levers of power.

We are supposed to have a "Constitutional Republic", not a Democracy.   Our Founding Fathers despised democracy as just one temporary step above mob rule. That is one of the reasons why the only people originally allowed to vote had to be land owners. Our Founding Fathers rightly judged that only landowners had a physical stake in the results of the electoral process. But to listen to our pundits and politicians massage our history, "Democracy" -- writ in large gold letters -- is the salvation of the Earth. And moreover, it is now our fundamental right to impose democracy on every culture we choose to do so -- as long as that culture has access to sufficient reserves of oil, precious minerals, metals and other natural resources.

Yet in our last two “democratic” elections, our politicians and puppet masters were not content with simply swaying the masses thru mass media propaganda. They went one step further -- to the actual control of the voting process (and the results!) thru the remote reprogramming of the Diebold touch-screen video fantasy voting machines (via satellite!), with no paper trail.   Stalin would be so proud, so envious!

* * * * *

 Nevertheless, I yearn for true financial, ethical and spiritual renewal based upon the eternal principles upon which this country was founded. But I fear it is not to be, at least not in my lifetime. The grip of the media masters, and the media-political-military-educational complex is far too thorough and complete, the educational "process" far too debilitated, to expect anything other than further societal drift, theft, corruption and manipulation as we slide towards Socialism.

Of course, I realize that many of the electorate voted with the "hope" that yet another vapid re-run of George Bush I and Bush-Lite II would not materialize (two political hacks who would have both been relegated to parking cars had not grandfather Prescott enjoyed political clout); therefore the electorate decided to "change" America's course with the "hope" that their election of a slick empty suit would be better, in the long run, than the their previous election of a dyslexic bi-sexual shit-kicker.

Yet I know I must pause and put all this in its proper perspective.   I must realize that for Barack, the Presidency of the United States is merely a “stepping stone” to truly greater glory; the head of the United Nations or some form of new global government comes to mind.

Nevertheless one can only hope that the monumental hubris and arrogance which seems to drip from the very pores of this curious media creature will come back to haunt our presidential silver-tongued animatronic mannequin.
Even the best actors can be at a loss for words when their script runs out or the teleprompter stops rolling.

L C Vincent


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