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There Are No "Fossil Fuels"!

The Myth of Peak Oil

No matter what the oil companies state publicly, and no matter what their lackey governments will crow in unison to support them, the myth of peak oil IS a myth, pure and simple.

Just as oil is not a "fossil fuel" composed of squished dinosaurs and vegetation, there is no limit to the amount of oil the earth produces NATURALLY. Russian geologists burst the myth of peak oil over 12 years ago, as well as the absurdity of calling it a "fossil fuel." But we have never heard about this in the West, because for some reason our "media" decided not to mention it.

In fact, the whole thrust of oil "scarcity" is little more than another Tavistock Institute mind game to get the average person to scale back their lives, their hopes, their dreams, their expectations and ambitions. After all, if our "energy" source (oil and natural gas) is limited, then it will, ipso facto, limit all our other enterprises and aspirations on this planet.

I am not advocating the squandering any fuel resource, or against any technology which promotes energy conservation; rather, I posit that the true purpose of governments demanding higher gas mileage from fleets of auto manufacturers is done IN COLLUSION with the Big Oil Companies.

Think about this for one minute: if one thinks oil or gasoline production has "peaked" and will now decline, it stands to reason that whatever oil or gasoline remains must be more valuable, correct? That provides the "reasoning" for the push for higher mileage vehicles to "conserve" this "dwindling" resource. Pardon me while I laugh.

None of us will ever live long enough to see an end to new, "unexpected" oil discoveries, nor the surprise replenishment of "old" pumped out oil fields. Here is the eternal kernel of Truth "they" don't want you to even consider: we live in a world and a Universe of LIMITLESS ABUNDANCE, no "limits." We live in a world and a universe of limitless energy, more than our world could ever use.

BUT.... by portraying and propagandizing the ever decreasing "reserves" of our energy supplies, including oil, and by promoting smaller, more efficient and higher mileage vehicles, the governments of this world, along with the Big Oils of this world, have effectively pushed the public into accepting higher prices for that same commodity while conserving their commodity by promoting vehicles that use less of it!

You do not think Big Oil and Big Government would act in collusion?

In 1974, during the first major "Oil Crisis" in the U.S. and other parts of the globe, people had to line up for blocks just to access petrol pumps to put gas into their vehicles. Not only were they not able to buy gasoline when they wanted to, but their license numbers (odd or even) determined the day of the week in which they could purchase this precious commodity. When they finally reached the gas pumps, they had to get out of their cars and learn to fill up their autos all by themselves. Many people, for the first time in their lives, had to learn to pump their own gasoline.

At the same time, anchored far off shore, were dozens and dozens of super tankers filled to the brim with oil waiting to be refined by US oil refineries. What were they waiting for?

They were waiting at anchor for the orders of the Big Oil Companies to proceed to the refineries for the following reasons:

1. They were waiting to scare people into the perception that oil was a precious commodity which was becoming more scarce;


3. They were waiting to resume business a few months later after PERMANENTLY ELIMINATING HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF SERVICE STATION JOBS, which included wages, benefits, pensions and health care plans. All these "jobs" (expenses, in the world of Big Oil) would now be gone -- PERMANENTLY -- because now the public had now learned TO PUMP THEIR OWN GASOLINE due to the completely artificial "Oil Crisis"!

Think I'm exaggerating? Before 1974, service stations routinely had as many as 6 employees who not only did mechanical work, but primarily "serviced" their customers by pumping gas, checking fluids and tires, cleaning windshields, etc. After 1974, ALL OF THIS "SERVICE" PERMANENTLY DISAPPEARED!

Ah, I hear a protest. "But what about 'greenhouse gases'? We have to protect the world from Global Warming....!"

Yes, the new chimera of "global warming", reputedly caused by our burning of "fossil fuels" which contribute to the warming of the Earth thru "greenhouse gasses" is now our latest crisis!

To be fair, the more "advanced" alarmists are now moving away from "global warming" to bleat the mantra of "climate change." But "climate change" is a constant of Earth's existence. Climates have ALWAYS changed. That's what climates DO! That's why we have the phenomenon of "weather." That's why we have experienced little "Ice Ages" during our current recorded history, before we had the burning of "fossil fuels."

Besides natural occurring volcanoes like Krakatoa, and earthquakes, tidal waves, plate tectonics, etc., climate change never stops! To try to do so is as "rational", if one thinks of it in a compressed timeline, as arguing for the necessity to control "tidal change" or the raising and lowering of oceans and rivers due to the influence of the Moon!

Yes, we are all familiar with the boogeyman of "greenhouse gases" causing "global warming" (even though there was an interesting TIME Magazine cover from the 70's which predicted a new Ice Age.... obviously, promoting the wrong agenda....) but if you ask atmospheric scientists who are not on the payroll of the UN's various climate committees, you will learn that the temperature of ALL OF THE PLANETS IN OUR SOLAR SYSTEM IS RISING, including The Earth!

Now how can that be? Are the Martians and Venusians using more fossil fuels in their Hovercraft? Or does it point to the prime motivator of weather changes in our ‘Solar’ System -- The Sun -- as being the dominant determinant of the weather patterns of our planet?

And then there's "Cap and Trade" -- that wonderful INTERNATIONAL financial and legislative scam that will not prevent pollution from occurring, but will, instead, only "shift" the "LOCATION" of where that pollution is legally allowed to occur!

And along with it, there will be a welter of high-flying international financial thieves to "sell" the trades from one region and country to another, thereby sucking yet more capital from the people of this planet for doing nothing more than charging them to pollute their neighbor's back yard instead of their own. Utterly brilliant!!!

But really, this charade of "fossil fuels", "global warming", "peak oil", "cap and trade", etc., is all part and parcel of a sales program created to wring the last possible cent out of the "global village", for as long as possible, until it is finally admitted, or more correctly 'revealed', that there actually exists in our Universe, our Galaxy, limitless energy that can be harnessed without the exothermic reaction of chemical burning necessary to produce it.

This "etheric" energy, "free" energy, sometimes called zero-point, was discovered by Nikola Tesla, although there were others both before and after Tesla who discovered it as well. How can something be "discovered" more than once? Easy -- when every discovery of the same principle is suppressed by threats, intimidation, theft, and murder, a great deal can be permanently hidden.

But why? Why would any human being, or company, or government, put the "lid" on such a revolutionary discovery that would free mankind from the servitude of having to provide for energy to warm and cool their homes, cook and preserve their food, and run their machinery and automobiles, ships, trains and planes? Read the prior sentence again and you will have your answer in ONE WORD: SERVITUDE. For if a person, group or population were actually able to harness the energy of our Universe, we would no longer necessarily be beholden to the whims of any energy company or conglomerate. In fact, we might have far less loyalty to our governments, who now make arrangements on our behalf with Big Oil to provide metered energy to us.

And "metered energy" is the key phrase here. For if a person, group or nation had access to true "free" energy, how would you, and why would you try to put a "meter" on it? If it is free and limitless, how could anyone charge you for it???

Is it becoming more clear now? Big Oil through the subservience of all world governments, has perpetuated this state of unnecessary energy serfdom for well over a hundred years. Why? Because you can put a "meter" on any resource, and SELL IT, if the supply is limited. But you cannot put a "meter" on a limitless, free, natural resource.

If anyone doubts the above, and I am sure many will, I invite them to read the ENTIRE following article:

In the article referenced above, "The History of Energy Suppression", one will learn not only the fate of those who provoke the energy "Powers that Be" with new discoveries which threaten to release mankind from the bonds of servitude to energy cartels and their government minions who administer their edicts and extract their lucre; you will also learn of that secret, barely known aspect of the U.S. Patent Office which immediately labels any potential patent based on free energy with the stamp of NATIONAL SECURITY, which then permanently bars the patent applicant, under threat of a felony and indefinite jail sentences, from ever publishing, disseminating, broadcasting, talking, writing or in any way ever referring to or mentioning their potential discoveries for the rest of their lives. Oh yes, one other minor detail: all of their papers referring to their discovery are permanently confiscated.

Does this sound like a government that embraces new "discoveries" in the field of energy creation?

With the risk of even further alienating any "rational" scientists and observers, let me posit that the main reason the public governments of the world, especially the U.S., generally ridicule the "concept" of flying saucers (while at the same time imposing martial law and threats of death upon those unfortunates with first hand knowledge of their existence), is NOT due to the usual red herring we have heard for so many years -- that the admission of Visitors from off Earth would terrify the populace, and break the bonds of societal control imposed by Church and State.

Although there is certainly some truth to this argument, the REAL reason flying saucers and their observers have been ridiculed since Roswell is that if they DO exist, they obviously did not burn oil or gasoline to get here! If they came here from anywhere else in our solar system, and they can silently hover or instantly accelerate from zero to thousands of miles per hour within seconds, they must be utilizing ANOTHER FORCE, ANOTHER ENERGY, WHICH ALREADY EXISTS IN OUR OWN UNIVERSE.

And there you have THE KEY to the continual suppression of all flying saucer stories. It is not the disruption of the Earth's civilization; it is the inevitable disruption of the Earth’s ‘Energy Cartels’ and their stranglehold on our personal freedom and independence. It would signal the end of the use and distribution of energy on our planet as a form of social control. It would signal the demands from the people of our world to the scientific establishment to find and harness this SAME source of limitless power and put it to use, once and for all, to serve the peoples of this world, this Earth, instead of being in perpetual servitude to the Big Oil Cartels and Energy networks and the governments which continue to serve them.

It would signal the end to their obsolete energy meters which they now control and use to wring the last dollar from all of us every day. It would signal the beginnings of energy independence for all nations, all peoples, everywhere on Earth. It would be the New Dawn of a wealth and leisure revolution which would make work an elected activity rather than a necessity, and self-discovery and realization, along with the exploration of our world and a reflectance of our true role upon this Earth, as our primary life motivation.

It would be empowering, energizing, revolutionary, and totally threatening to The Powers That Be.

Any wonder that they still want us to "Fill 'er up?"

Good day, mate!

L C Vincent

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